Hotel near Must-See Attractions in Istanbul

Hotel near Must-See Attractions in IstanbulWe know how excited you are about your upcoming visit to Istanbul, and you’ve chosen the right place for a getaway!

This wondrous city is located at the crossroads of East and West, has a charm and historic heritage of Old Europe and used to be an epicenter of four empires – Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman.
Nowadays it’s a town in flux, brimming with such modern entertainment opportunities, as cinemas, malls, music venues, restaurants, sport facilities, art galleries and centers – and then some.
Istanbul was named a European Capital of Culture in 2010, having attracted more than 11 million visitors in 2012.

The city’s historic center, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, remains the most attractive feature of the town for tourists. In the midst of all this history, you’ll find gracious Hotel Büyük Keban.
Büyük Keban is the best place to hang your hat

Our newly remodeled hotel is easily accessible from Ataturk International Airport and in the thick of the main Istanbul attractions.

A short metro ride from Ataturk International Airport, Hotel Büyük Keban is easily accessible. Once you arrive at our newly remodeled hotel, you’ll find yourself in the thick of Istanbul’s main attractions – and the lap of luxury.

Nowhere else in Istanbul can you find a hotel that offers four-star service for three-star prices in the midst of such important historical landmarks .

After a good night’s rest on our comfortable mattresses wrapped in fresh, luxury linens, you’ll greet the day well rested and prepared to visit the many points of interest that surround the hotel. Before you walk out the door and  onto the paths where  our ancestors tread, make sure to take advantage of our lavish continental breakfast buffet that includes flares from both European and Mediterranean cuisines.

Relax and breathe in the air of history with us

Istanbul flourishes with a great number of green areas and parks where you can rest your tired feet and get a breath of fresh air.. However, we will not be outdone by our historic surroundings. Soak your weary bones in an  our invigorating jacuzzi, highly-rated wooden spa, or authentic Turkish baths. Guests who prefer more earthy pleasures can cozy up to the bar or visit our game room. Both are open 24 hours.

We give you the greatest service

When small details go wrong, it can affect your entire experience. To prevent stress and allow you to focus on better things, we provide complimentary storage for your luggage and have newly refurbished rooms to ensure that our disabled guests are also comfortable and worry-free.

We would love to hear from you

Hotel Büyük Keban has spent the last four and a half decades listening attentively to our customers and their needs, which allowed us to break into Expedia’s coveted list of preferred hotels in 2011.
Even before you check in, we’d be ecstatic to hear from you, and all the more during and after your stay. Please feel free to share your insights and comments! Our guests are our most valuable asset, and it is our primary goal to make you feel incredibly welcome.

Please contact us today to book your reservation. The infinite treasures of Istanbul are waiting to be discovered!