January 14, 2016

6 Reasons Why Turkey Is Still Safe to Visit

  With recent unrest in both Turkey and other countries, you may be wondering if it is still safe to travel to Turkey. While caution is […]
January 5, 2016

Where to Host a Conference in Istanbul

If you’re thinking about hosting a conference in Istanbul, you’ve chosen a great destination. Not only is it the gateway between Europe and Asia, it has […]
December 29, 2015

7 Ways to Save Money on an Istanbul Vacation

Istanbul is an amazing place to visit on vacation. Just like any other vacation, it is easy to go over your travel budget. Here are 7 […]
December 24, 2015

Ways to Relax During Your Stay at Hotel Buyuk Keban

Whether your stay in Izmir, Turkey is recreational or business, there’s always a way to make the most out of any trip pleasurable. Many have already […]
December 22, 2015

Top Attractions for Conference Attendees Staying at the Hotel Büyük Keban

If you’re hosting a conference at Hotel Büyük Keban, you’ll love our state-of-the-art meeting room amenities, but you can only work so many hours a day. […]
December 17, 2015

Concierge Services Offered at the Hotel Buyuk Keban

Traveling anywhere unfamiliar can be adventurous, yet somehow off-putting. The thrill and terror of being somewhere other than home is normal. Here at Hotel Buyuk Keban, […]
December 15, 2015

Affordable, High-Tech Business Conference Rooms in Istanbul

With the type of technology we have today, regular boardroom meetings don’t have to be so regular anymore. Meetings can be tedious, lengthy and sometimes even […]
December 3, 2015

Secure and Affordable Accommodations for College Students in Istanbul

College life can be exciting, but it can also be scary. For most traditional college students, this marks the beginning of independence. There is no guardian […]
December 1, 2015

Meeting Room Connectivity at the Hotel Buyuk Keban

Whether you are local to Istanbul, Turkey or traveling abroad for a meeting, making sure that every single aspect of communication equipment works properly is key.  […]
November 26, 2015

Best Hotel for Business Meetings in Istanbul

For a business to make the biggest impact in their business meetings, creating the right atmosphere is important. No matter what the agenda is, business meetings […]
November 24, 2015

Planning a Safe and Affordable Trip to Istanbul

If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, you may have many concerns. Two of the most important are likely to be your safety in Turkey […]
November 19, 2015

The Top Affordable Alternative to Istanbul Hostels

Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or spending time as a student in Istanbul, it can be tempting to resort to staying in a hostel to save […]