According to Frommers, the famed travel guide that every voyager eventually turns to, Turkey is “one of the best, safest, easiest, and all-around rewarding destinations in the region.” To us at Hotel Büyük Keban this is no secret, even if we are a little bit biased.

Istanbul has undergone a great deal of development in the past several years, with increased foreign investment, renovations of cultural sites, modern attitudes, and lots of great places to enjoy when it comes to dining, shopping, and nightlife.

A City of Contrasts

A global city linking Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a city of contrasts that blend to form a unique harmony. From fish markets to trendy clubs, minarets to skyscrapers, traditional bazaars to luxury boutiques, this is a city that has something for everyone.

Traveling to Istanbul means paying attention to the incredible culture that has spanned 26 centuries of history. With a plethora of treasures that include palaces, mosques, museums, parks, and more, it is easy to become overwhelmed even before you arrive.

Make a List That Appeals to You

We have written many blogs on the most important sites to visit. You can plan your trip by looking through our suggestions and making a list of those that appeal to you the most. Even with the knowledge that plans can and will change, an outline of highlights will help you narrow down your itinerary, especially if you are short on time.

Look at the City Map

Take a look at Istanbul’s city and public transportation maps. You don’t need to memorize them, but they will show you the main hubs around the city and how to get there easily. Though taxis abound, taking our metro or buses is a great way to get around. Additionally, you can rent a bike at our hotel if you’re feeling adventurous and want to learn the city on your own.

Book Cultural Events in Advance

All year round there are exceptional cultural events going on in Istanbul. Our concierge team will be happy to pinpoint the must-see performances, openings, and productions, as well as booking your tickets well enough in advance to ensure you will have no problem getting in.

Selecting Your Priorities

Setting your priorities for this trip is key in making the most of your time. Do you want to spend your time shopping or sightseeing? Do you want to get to know Istanbul’s artistic side or its business side? Would you prefer to get to know its rich history? Answering these questions will help you maximize your trip, always with the idea in mind that something quite different than you expect might just sweep you off your feet!

Book a Centrally Located Hotel

Last but not least, make sure you book a hotel that is centrally located to save time in travel from one place to another.  Hotel Büyük Keban is in the perfect location for getting around easily, as we are central and also close to all major public transportation. Contact us today for more information on our accommodations and amenities or to book your room today!