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10 Reasons to Spend New Year’s Eve in Istanbul

If you’re looking for a different destination to ring in 2014, Istanbul is it! What’s so special about visiting the original cosmopolitan city in December? How about fewer tourists, better prices, moderate temperatures, and all the wonders of Istanbul at your fingertips?

December in Istanbul - Your Best Bet for a Great New Year’s Eve Visiting in the off season means that many of the top sites are less crowded and the authentic restaurants, cafes, and markets are mostly populated by the warm and friendly locals. Remember that Istanbul is already an affordable destination, and many places even cut great deals in the off-peak months. There is so much to see and do, and the brisk but mild weather lends itself to walking and discovering the city, even in winter. The Hotel Büyük Keban, an affordable and comfortable hotel in the center of Istanbul, brings you the Top Ten Reasons to Ring In the New Year in Istanbul:

10. Istanbul is a city of remarkable history, having been the capital of four major world empires. Among them are some remarkable Roman ruins, as well as remnants of the Byzantine Empire, which was formed when the Roman Empire split up into eastern and western empires in 395 B.C.E. and which flourished for over one thousand years.

9. Over six hundred years of Ottoman Empire glory are fully on display here, and Istanbul highlights such as the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace are unforgettable stops on any world traveler’s itinerary. The Hagia Sophia in particular - which has been a patriarchal basilica, a Roman Catholic cathedral, an imperial mosque, and a modern museum - is considered to be the building that changed the course of architectural history.

8. There’s always something new and amazing going on in this major metropolis. While it is not Turkey’s capital - that is Ankara - Istanbul is the country’s largest city and is one of Europe’s largest urban centers. In addition, it’s the world’s second-largest city by population within the city limits.

7. For art and architecture lovers, Istanbul literally has it all - churches, palaces, ancient ruins, millennia-old bazaars, fountains, cisterns and historic streets, especially in the central Sultanahmet area of the Historic Peninsula.

6. Shopping? This city invented it. If you haven’t yet experienced the Grand Bazaar, get ready to be wowed with fragrant spices, exquisite carpets, delicate glassware, intricate tiles and ceramics, beautiful fabrics, and more - and bargaining is the name of the game, so don’t forget to haggle - with a smile.

5. Turkish cuisine is one of the world’s next big discoveries - it’s an incredible melange of Mediterranean flavors, textures, and combinations. If you haven’t yet discovered Turkish delights, there’s no better time than the celebratory New Year’s season!

4. Istanbul is one of the few places where modern and traditional, religious and secular seamlessly melt - it’s a fascinating mix of old and new that no other city can offer.

3. Where else can you experience riding from Europe to Asia in five minutes - by boat or by car?

2. To gaze over the eternal beauty of the Strait of Bosphorus and enjoy the simple delight of a jolt-you-awake Turkish coffee with a sweet, silky pastry alongside - what better way to ring in New Year’s morning after an amazing Istanbul night? and…

1. You haven’t been here yet - and visiting Istanbul is one New Year’s resolution you can make true right now! Contact Hotel Büyük Keban today for an unforgettable New Years Eve!

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