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5 Reasons to Visit Istanbul this Winter

With temperatures getting as low as 4°C, it’s no wonder many tourists stay away from Istanbul during the winter. If you don’t mind the freezing temperatures, however, there are many advantages that come along with visiting Istanbul this time of year.

Is it worth it? You be the judge!

No Lines Disneyland. The Eiffel Tower. Our very own Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque. Any globe trotter or local who’s visited a popular tourist site before, knows how daunting the lines can be. After travelling from far and wide, jetlagged, and on an extremely tight itinerary, the last thing you want to do is spend your precious time standing around waiting for your turn to enter Hagia Sophia or Topkapi Palace. If you visit Istanbul in winter, you’ll be one of the lucky few to skip the long lines as sights this time of year are not crowded. You’ll be thankful for the short queues and minimal bustle.

Low Prices Dying to travel, but can’t afford to?

If you’ve always wanted to visit Istanbul and experience its rich history and culture, architectural marvels, mouthwatering cuisine and local hospitality first hand, winter is the time to do it, especially if cold weather doesn’t scare you. The weather might not be your cup of tea, but at least the cheap deals will offer you some solace. Savvy and budget conscious travelers know that winter is the perfect time to visit Istanbul without draining your wallet as flights and accommodation are available at low costs due to it being off-peak or low season. Sweat Less Many travelers opt to visit Istanbul in the Spring or Summer. Whether they realize it or not, however, as tourists, they will be spending a lot of time standing long lines under the hot Turkey sun and walking around visiting one of the never ending list of spectacular landmarks the city of Istanbul has to offer. Unfortunately, very few (likely none!) of these attractions will have air conditioning as this is a luxury only offered in top notch hotels. So if you don’t want to constantly retreat back to your hotel for a cold shower, change of clothes or just to enjoy the luxury of air conditioning, we suggest visiting Istanbul at the end of the year.

Food Specialties

What could possibly be better that snuggling up to your lover in a cozy café, nibbling on delicious baklava and sipping on a hot cup of Turkish coffee when it’s cold outside? Not to mention some special treats are only available this time of year, such as bluefish, turbot, salep and boza. Bluefish and turbot are types of fish and salep and boza are popular drinks. Don’t forget to sample them while you’re here!  New Year Spirit  The locals and even few tourists say there’s something special in the air this time of the year in Istanbul. There’s a new found kind of optimism as the New Year approaches and new beginnings are around the corner. You can feel it in the air. The city feeds off this energy and comes to life with New Year’s decorations. Hope is everywhere. It’s a very festive atmosphere that only those visiting in winter get to experience.

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