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Affordable, High-Tech Business Conference Rooms in Istanbul

With the type of technology we have today, regular boardroom meetings don’t have to be so regular anymore.

Meetings can be tedious, lengthy and sometimes even boring. However, they are a necessary part of business—crucial even. Meetings are needed in order to establish a plan, reassess it, correct what may have went wrong and enforce that which has gone right. In order to do this effectively, there needs to be a place where these brilliant minds can work.

Sure it is possible for professionals to meet at their workplace. However, if professionals would like to get a different perspective on things, perhaps a different venue might be necessary. By meeting in another place, workers will be in a different environment, away from day-today distractions and better able to focus on the situation at hand. 

Meeting Rooms at Hotel Buyuk Keban 

Hotel Buyuk Keban is located in Izmir, Turkey in what is known as the old Byzantine and Ottoman Empire rich in historic attractions and exotic commerce.  It is also close to the Ataturk International Airport. What better place to go to remove your business from the regular operations of work and focus on its future?

Hotel Buyuk Keban offers two high tech business conference rooms that can hold up to a capacity of 15-80 patrons. These meeting rooms are offered in four different seating styles:

⦁ U-Shaped

⦁ Group Seating

⦁ Classroom Seating

⦁ Theater Seating

As aforementioned, with the use of technology, business meetings can now be made into spectacular presentations that will help deliver the main message across to an audience.

Here are just a few Hotel Buyuk Keban’s high-tech features their meeting rooms have to offer: 

⦁ Automated Lights 

Lighting can set the mood and tone of an audience. Theaters do it all the time. In a movie theater, the lights dim as soon as the previews finish airing, signaling that the main attraction is about to come begin. In theatrical events, the lights dim in the foyer signaling to the patrons that intermission is concluding and the play is about to begin or reconvene.

Taking advantage of Hotel Buyuk Keban’s automated lights within their conference room is just another feature presenters can use during their presentation. 

⦁ Projectors 

The days of chalkboards, white boards, and even slideshows—unless requested, is over! Hotel Buyuk Keban’s meeting rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art projectors with DVI, VGA and HDMI output making it possible to display PowerPoint presentations as well as video streaming. 

⦁ Laser Pointer 

The laser pointer is a helpful tool to use during presenting while using a projector. Standing in front of a projector will only confuse the presenter and the audience, as the images will only reflect on the speaker if he or she stands by the what is being projected. The laser pointer serves as an efficient pointing tool to use without distracting the presentation.

High-Tech Meeting Rooms at an Affordable Price 

At Hotel Buyuk Keban, our meeting rooms are equipped to help business professionals present an efficient proposal. We pride ourselves in providing our guests the best rates available. If you are interested in giving your business presentation a different change of scenery, book one of our meeting rooms today. Contact us online or call us at +90 212 512 00 20 now!

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