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Affordable Hotel Near Aya Sofya, Istanbul

As a melting pot of world religion, Istanbul is infiltrated with mosques, churches and synagogues.  In fact, it's likely that you'll visit a religious building that contains artifacts, mosaics and portraits that feature items from a variety of religions.

Aya Sofya: The Eighth Wonder of the World

One of the most famous structures in Istanbul perfectly fits this description: Aya Sofya. Since Istanbul is a city where the east and west collide, the Aya Sofya, commonly known as "the eighth wonder of the world," is adorned with influences of Eastern and Western civilizations. Aside from celebrating the prowess of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Aya Sofya contains breathtaking architecture that depicts its use as a church and a mosque in earlier times. That said, a trip to Istanbul is not complete without a visit to the Aya Sofya!

Picking the Right Hotel: Hotel Büyük Keban

Most of Istanbul's sightseeing hot spots are located in the historical section, making it essential to pick the right hotel to ensure accessibility. Located in the heart of the Old City, look no further than Hotel Büyük Keban! You'll be a brisk walk or metro ride away from the Aya Sofya and a host of other must-see sites.

But there's more to this hotel than meets the eye. With 45 years of experience, Hotel Büyük Keban is equipped to provide all of the amenities that a guest is seeking, at an affordable price. We know that the main priority of our guests is to see and experience all that Istanbul has to offer -- and since the possibilities are endless -- the hotel's amenities must be affordable.

Three Star Quality, Four Star Service

We treat our guests to a huge buffet breakfast each morning and they always have access to a free and secure luggage room to store their shopping, as well as a pool table, table tennis, a 24-hour open bar, and free Wi-Fi. What's more is that the hotel offers luxury spa services to help you relax from a busy day of sightseeing and shopping! In order to bring Turkish traditions right to your hotel, the spa includes a Turkish bath and massage, along with traditional facilities such as a sauna and a jacuzzi.

Business or Pleasure: We’ve got you!

Since a lot of our guests come to Istanbul on business, Hotel Büyük Keban has specific amenities in place that make it easier for you to work overseas or out of the country. Meeting rooms are available for affordable prices. Simply check in with the front desk as they are very flexible with scheduling. Considering business happens on the fly, this is a prerequisite for properly serving the guests of the hotel.

If you get bogged with work in your hotel room, Hotel Büyük Keban also offers special lunch and dinner packages that can be delivered right to your door. This way, you can save your money for a lavish night out on the town with fine Turkish cuisine.

Contact Us

Whether you're interested in experiencing Turkish culture, learning about its history, or need a safe, clean and affordable location to stay during your business trip -- Hotel Büyük Keban is here to enhance your trip in every way possible. Contact us today to book your stay!

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