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An Istanbul Hotel Near the Tram Station

When planning a vacation in Istanbul, you need to consider your transportation options before you arrive in the city. This city has a thriving public transportation system, and trams are one of the most useful options for seeing the top sites and taking in everything that Istanbul has to offer.

Affordable Transportation

One of the great benefits of using the trams is that it’s an affordable option, and that leaves you with more funds for dining out, picking up some remarkable souvenirs and generally enjoying yourself. You can purchase a transit pass that’s effective for all tram lines and can be used throughout your stay. This is by far the most convenient way to go as you won’t have to worry about buying a ticket every time you want to go somewhere.

All the City Has to Offer

The trams run on several different colored routes, so you can see practically everything that’s on your wish list simply by buying a ticket, going through the stiles, and then boarding the appropriate tram. Destinations include the shore of the Sea of Marmara, along the Bosphorus Shore, and to Taksim Square. You can even travel from the airport to Topkapi.

Avoid the Gridlock

Istanbul is known for its traffic, and snarls will be more common when key areas are under renovation. However, the tramlines operate outside of the traditional roadways and are not impacted by these traffic snarls. You’ll spend less time traveling from point to point and more time enjoying everything this incredible city has to offer.

Choose Your Lodging Carefully

Once you make the decision that trams are the way to get around Istanbul, you’re ready to look for a hotel that provides you with convenient service. While you can go further out from the center of the action to stay with a major chain, you may find that your experience is more enjoyable when you stay at a boutique hotel near the most active tramlines. Rather than spending an hour just getting into the Old City, you’ll already be near the top attractions and ready to get on the appropriate tram.

The Benefits of Doing Some Walking

Anytime you use the tram system, you can expect to do a little more walking. You’ll walk to change lines, walk to get to the tram, and then walk from one the stops to your destination. This could be enough to have some people calling for taxi instead, but you should consider the benefits of doing some walking. As you tread sections of the city on foot, you may see things that you would have missed from the window of a car. It’s a chance to see more of Istanbul, and you never know what treasures you may stumble across!

Hotel Büyük Keban is a boutique hotel that’s just footsteps from the tram service. We’re recently remodeled, and we’re proud of our beautiful new appearance and luxurious style. We cater to visitors from all around the globe, and we’ll work closely with you to help you make the most of your visit to our impressive city by using the tram system.

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