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Ataturk International Airport and Transportation to the City

Only 15km away from Atatürk International Airport, Hotel Büyük Keban is very easy to get to once you've landed. With many options to get to the city, you can choose your mode of transport according to your needs, preferences, and the amount of passengers with whom you are traveling.

Having Lira Handy

Though euros and dollars can be used in most places throughout the city, it is a good idea to have some Turkish liras in your wallet, as some of the transportation options do not accept foreign currency, credit cards, or even large lira notes. You can get them from the ATM at the airport or in advance in your home city.

Taxi Service

Taking a taxi is a very easy way to arrive to the city. Make sure you write or print out the name of the hotel, along with the address and telephone number in order to help the driver if he needs to call the hotel for directions or ask for them once he is in the street. Taxis in Istanbul are very convenient, especially when you are traveling with several people. Make sure you go to the official taxis that are lined up outside the airport. Give the driver the information for our hotel and he will get you here in about 15 to 20 minute for around 25 euro or 72 lira.

Airport Shuttle

The Havatas airport shuttle service is a very popular and reliable service to and from Atatürk International Airport. You'll find it outside the terminal in the second lane. It leaves every half hour and takes approximately 40 minutes to get to Taksim Square, depending on traffic. Just note that it doesn't go to Sultanamet so you'll need to take either a taxi or public transportation if you're heading in that direction. Our hotel is close by and will only cost you around 8 euro (23 lira) by taxi. That being said, it will be more cost effective to take a taxi directly from the airport if you are three or more people.

The Metro

If you feel like taking the metro, it is at the ground level of the airport. Hop on the Red Line, taking the M1 to Aksaray Station, which is the final stop. Once you emerge, walk towards Lalei and then make a left on Gencturk Cad. Hotel Büyük Keban is at the end of the street on the left after a roughly ten minute walk. If you don't feel like walking, just hail a cab.

Airport Transfer Service

At Hotel Büyük Keban, we don't have our own airport pick up service, but we do work with reliable airport transfer companies that will bring you to our door after you fill in our pick up form. Our concierge service is happy to arrange the service and will provide you with a confirmation. Airport transfer costs 40 euro for up to four people and for a two-way transfer, 70 euro. If your group is larger than four, let us know and we will give you a quote.

Contact Us

Istanbul is one of the easiest cities to navigate. If you need a location central to all the best sites this city has to offer or a hotel that offers rooms where you can hold business meetings, you can’t make a better choice than Hotel Büyük Keban. Our concierge is always happy to offer tips on the best way to get around or which mode of transportation will offer you the best views of the city. Contact us today to book your stay!

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