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Best 3 Star Hotel in Istanbul Near the Blue Mosque

Best 3 Star Hotel in Istanbul Near the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque - the name alone somehow expresses the tranquil elegance of one of Istanbul’s most beautiful and arresting sights. As one of the most remarkable examples of the classic Ottoman architecture, the Blue Mosque stands out even against the many remarkable Istanbul landmarks as one of its must-visit destinations.

Exquisite Ottoman Architecture on Display

The Blue Mosque is also known as the Sultan Ahmed or Sultanahmet Mosque, and is referred to in Turkish as the Sultanahmet Camii.  Built from 1609 to 1616, during the reign of the great Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I, its architect was the masterful Sedefkâr Mehmed Ağa, who studied under famed architect Mimar Sinan - the grandfather of the Ottoman style and architect of the nearby Süleymaniye Mosque. For the Blue Mosque, Mehmed Ağa synthesized the crowning ideas of his master into his masterpiece. While the Mosque is officially known as and named after Sultan Ahmed, it is often referred to as the Blue Mosque due to the delicate tiles of cerulean blue that elegantly adorn the walls of its interior.

Blue Mosque: Modern Symbol of Peace and ToleranceIn recent history, the Blue Mosque has served as a symbolic stage for interfaith cooperation and religious tolerance. In a prominent example, Pope Benedict XVI visited the Blue Mosque on his visit to Turkey in 2006. The Catholic Pontiff held a silent meditation and prayer within the mosque’s central rotunda, side-by-side with the head imam of the mosque and one of the city’s top Muslim religious leaders, the Mufti of Istanbul. Its premises include not only a currently used mosque, but also the tomb of its founder, a madrasa (religious school) and a hospice.

Convenience in the City Center

The Hotel Büyük Keban is an affordable three-star hotel located in the central Old City, just a pleasant walk from all of Istanbul’s most historic and remarkable destinations, including the Blue Mosque. We have made our name offering four-star hospitality and amenities at budget rates - and we have recently completed a comprehensive renovation to serve you even better. For great value in a great location, look no further. We’ve been welcoming visitors from around the globe to our remarkable city for over four decades and we’d be honored to welcome you for your visit.Treat

Yourself like an Ottoman Sultan in our Luxury Hotel Spa

We think you’ll love our new and improved hotel spa. We offer a traditional Turkish bath, sauna, and jacuzzi. After an exciting day discovering this remarkable city, why not treat yourself to a massage for the ultimate in deep relaxation and stress relief. For a calming tea, a strong Turkish coffee, or an evening nightcap, visit our 24-hour bar and lounge.Easily Reachable Location Near the Blue MosqueThe Hotel Büyük Keban is easily reachable by either public transportation or taxi from both Istanbul airports, and located near the opulent beauty of the Blue Mosque. To find out more about our hotel or book your stay, contact us today!

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