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Best Hotel for Business Meetings in Istanbul

For a business to make the biggest impact in their business meetings, creating the right atmosphere is important. No matter what the agenda is, business meetings are all about presenting information with the end result of acquiring an increase in revenue. Whether the information conveyed is good or bad news, participants should be in a comfortable setting, especially if these participants are buyers, investors, or potential customers!

Hotel Buyuk Keban is the best venue for professionals to host their business meetings. Our meeting rooms are tastefully decorated with soft masculine neutral tones adorned with Turkish artwork that creates a strong and bold imagery of a rustic, and modern corporate Asia. 

Two Kinds of Meeting Rooms

No matter how big or small your meetings are, Hotel Buyuk Keban offers two kinds of meeting rooms:

Compact – Our compact meeting rooms can fit up to 25 people. This is ideal for executive meetings and small businesses.

Grande – Our grande meeting rooms can fit anywhere from 42-80 people. This is ideal for conventions, and even corporate retreats. 

Types of Meeting Rooms 

Hotel Buyuk Keban offers business professionals 4 types of seating arrangements that might best suit their meetings: 

U-Shaped Seating – Tables and chairs are arranged in a U-Shaped format, the attendees will be seated outside of the tables. This allows everyone to face one another creating a large group setting giving everyone the opportunity to communicate with one another. This also gives the presenter(s) the room to maneuver between tables.

Classroom Seating–In a classroom setting, tables that will seat two people are set up back to back. The chairs will all face one direction, meaning some attendees will have their backs toward one another. The presenter or instructor will still have the maneuverability to move throughout the room. This type of setting is ideal for training classes.

Group Seating – Group seatings are best used for intensive discussion meetings. It is a more neighboring setting, seating anywhere from 4-8 people at a table.

Theater Seating – The theater setting is somewhat similar to the classroom setting, except no tables are required. This type of seating is best used to gain the maximum capacity. For instance, crowded conferences that require little note taking would best suit this option. Of course, if a corporate meeting requires watching a training film, this seating would also be ideal!    


Our air-conditioned meeting rooms offer state of the art technology. Both of our meeting rooms are connected toa wireless Bose L-1 System that delivers 180 degrees of horizontal sound coverage. We can also provide a wireless microphone system, a slide changer, a projector with DVI, VGA, and HDMI output along with a laser pointer, automated lights, flip chart, and most importantly a private WiFi network. 

Additional Services 

When businesses consider booking a meeting room, this usually means that the meeting may last anywhere from 3 hours to maybe even a full weekend. To break up the intensity of such meetings, Hotel Buyuk Keban offers food and beverages as well as sightseeing tours to make your meetings a pleasant experience.

Book Your Meeting with Us Today! 

When you want to get the most productivity out of your meeting, consider Hotel Buyuk Keban to provide you the most professional accommodations. Call us today at +90 212 512 00 20 or contact us online to reserve your space now!

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