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Best Hotel Near Topkapi Palace

Istanbul is known by many names - and each conjures up images of majesty and mystery. It’s no wonder - with a history like no other, the city has hosted empires from far and away, becoming a fascinating mix of cultures in its modern era. If you want to explore a destination so cosmopolitan it covers two continents, Istanbul is not to be missed. And while in town, one of the absolute must-see places is the storied Topkapi Palace, located in European Istanbul on its Historical Peninsula.

Stay Near the Best Sights and Sites of Istanbul

Fortunately, Istanbul is still an affordable destination - and the discerning traveler can enjoy all the best the city has to offer, even on a tight budget. Even in the center of the city, great deals can be had - and the Hotel Büyük Keban is one of the best. The Hotel Büyük Keban is a three-star hotel offering four-star amenities, conveniently located on Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula - all the better to visit the city’s most amazing sites - foremost among them being the Topkapi.

Seat of the Sultans: The Topkapi Sarayi

The Topkapı Sarayı - or Topkapi Palace - is truly one of Istanbul’s finest and most fascinating highlights. Situated on the European side of the city, on its Historical Peninsula, it functioned for nearly four centuries - from the mid-15th century to the mid-19th century - as the center of power and home to the Ottoman Sultans who ruled the vast and transcontinental Ottoman Empire.  The sprawling palace’s various constructions included throughout the ages an elaborate series of courtyards, gardens, pavilions, chambers and reception rooms that marked a distinctive combination of architectural styles. In addition, it housed the Imperial Treasury, astonishing libraries and opulent mosques. Over the centuries, it has been a locus where European and Asian histories met; where conquerors and conquered merged; where legends, operas, and films took inspiration.

UNESCO World Heritage Distinction Underscores Cultural Significance

Yet the importance of the Topkapı Palace lay not just in its seat of power or its setting for royal entertainment and state occasions. Today, the palace still boasts a remarkable collection of artifacts from the Ottoman period as well as precious treasures from the Muslim world as a whole. The Prophet Muhummad’s cloak and sword, along with numerous Islamic calligraphic manuscripts, are housed within its museum. The Topkapı Palace itself is listed among the "Historic Areas of Istanbul" monuments, which received the distinction of  UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and has been cited by UNESCO as one of the top examples of palace architecture of the Ottoman era. The Topkapı Palace was the inspiration and setting for Mozart’s legendary opera “The Abduction from the Seraglio” and the classic 1960s film Topkapi.

Affordable Hotel Near Topkapi Palace

When planning your visit the Topkapi Palace, consider choosing the Hotel Büyük Keban located close by. Our newly renovated and refurbished hotel has been welcoming guests to central Istanbul for over 40 years, and we are proud to offer top-notch service and amenities at reasonable rates to travelers from all over the world.

If you are ready to explore the treasures of the Topkapi, consider staying just nearby at the Hotel Büyük Keban. Contact us today - it is our honor to welcome you to Istanbul!

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