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Boutique Istanbul Hotel Near Taksim Square

In Istanbul, Taksim Square is rated as one of the top places to visit. Situated in the heart of modern Istanbul, it’s a gathering place for people, and it’s also home to several restaurants and shops. This spot tends to be crowded, but it’s still considered one of the must-see sites in Istanbul. It’s easy to reach the Square with public transportation, but you’ll have more time to enjoy the Square and other areas in Istanbul if you make reservations at a nearby hotel.

More Time Sightseeing

People who visit the area say that they’ll always remember walking down Istiklal Street with its activity, hidden stories and rich history. You can easily spend several days walking through different art galleries, bookstores, tourist shops and restaurants, so you don’t want to waste time traveling in from a hotel located on the outskirts. When you’re going to spend more of your time out and about in the city, the location of your hotel becomes vitally important. A boutique hotel near the heart of the action can provide you with all of the amenities you want along with the convenient access that you need to make the most of Taksim Square, the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar and other sites on your must-see list.

Welcoming, Friendly Atmosphere

When you’re visiting Istanbul for the first time, you may not know where to head first or how to get there. You’ll want some advice from local residents you can trust. Another benefit of a smaller, more traditional hotel is the welcoming atmosphere and amazing customer service.

Choose a center that will care about your satisfaction and have customer service representatives who will provide you with assistance. You can use tips and advice from local residents to save time when traveling around the city so that you can see and do more. You may also be guided to spots and destinations that are off the beaten path but every bit as impressive as the ones that hit the top lists for tourists.

Comfortable Accommodations

At the end of a long day walking through shops and touring the historic areas in the city, you want someplace where you can rest and relax. The rooms should be clean and well-maintained with comfortable beds and space for you to relax. In addition, it’s helpful to have a hot tub or Turkish bath where you can soak away the exhaustion and get ready for the next day of traveling or sightseeing.

When you’re traveling to Istanbul, look beyond the international chains and consider a boutique hotel located in the heart of the action. Hotel Büyük Keban is near the Old City, and we’re right on transportation routes, so it’s easy for you to travel to your favorite destinations, including Taksim Square. Our facility was recently remodeled in order to provide you with the comfort you need and the amenities you want. Contact us today to make your reservations and give our team the opportunity to make your visit to Istanbul more enjoyable.


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