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Budget Hotel in Istanbul's Historical Penninsula

Istanbul - it’s the dazzling travel destination on everyone’s lips. As the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it defines cosmopolitan and boasts a history no other city can match. Fortunately, for smart travelers, finding great deals is no problem.

Where Convenience and Affordability Meet

If you are planning a trip to the cultural heart of Turkey, consider the Hotel Büyük Keban, in the center of European Istanbul. We offer an ideal and convenient base from which to explore the fascinating cuisine, architecture, music, history, cinema, fashion, and culture of Istanbul. It’s an easy walk from numerous must-visits, such as the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, the Sultanahmet Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, the Gulhane Park, the Basilica Cistern, and the Beyazit Tower.

Amazing Experiences for Bargain Prices

Some of the best and most authentic experiences of Istanbul can be had on a budget. Fortunately, it’s a city where quality and affordability intersect: delicious food, quality lodging, and unique cultural attractions you’ll find nowhere else.

Explore Turkish Cuisine for Pocket Change

Case in point: amazingly simple, delicious meals that cost, well, beans. The traditional kuru fasulye - white beans in red sauce - served up at Fasuli Lokantasi, located near the charming Karaköy waterfront across from several nargile cafes are some of the best around. The red tomato and white bean amalgam is a deep orange that just seems to beckon with comfort and warmth. According to IstanbulEats, these are some of the best in Istanbul - and there’s a lot of competition. At Fasuli Lokantasi, the way to eat them is with cool, crisp raw onion slices, pickled hot peppers and delicious spongy bread that soak up every drop of the gravy-like sauce. And all this for just a few lira - hard to beat.

You’ll also find a number of places with the staple breakfast of everyone from laborers to students to businesspeople in a hurry - mercimek çorbası, a hearty and tasty red lentil soup that serves as many a Turkish workingman’s breakfast. Another local tip: for one of the city’s best versions of the dürüm (kebab wrapped up in a flatbread), head to Dürümzade, a small and affordable joint near the bustling Beyoğlu fish market. It’s a hotspot for late-night revelers, but before they line up, it’s a great place for an inexpensive and delicious dinner.

Discover Ottoman Treasures

At the Turkish & Islamic Art Museum (Ibrahim Pasha Palace), visitors will enjoy viewing an exquisite collection of art and ethnography in a truly palatial setting amidst the old Hippodrome area. The palace was constructed in the 16th century and donated to Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha by the great sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. After Ibrahim's death the palace was used as a military barracks for new recruits, and then converted into a museum after the founding of the modern Turkish republic. The museum is an excellent overview of the historical and artistic brilliance of Turkish civilizations, and the incredibly affordable price of only 10 lira, it is well worth the entry.

Walk in the Footsteps of History

The Gulhane Park, in central Eminonu district, is adjacent to the exquisite and storied Topkapi Palace and offers beautiful views of the surrounding water. When the weather is good, there’s no lovelier place in the city - peacefully verdant lawns, beautifully manicured gardens, and majestic trees sweep alongside the walkways. A beautiful (and free!) place to while away an afternoon and watch the locals go by.

Istanbul is Affordable - Stay with Us

If you’re considering a trip to our remarkable city yet feel constrained by budget, don’t hesitate. Istanbul is an amazing place with so much to offer everyone - and it can be done on a dime! To start off, book an affordable and comfortable room at the Hotel Büyük Keban. We look forward to welcoming you in incredible Istanbul!

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