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Camlica Hill A Favorite Picnic Spot in Istanbul

Visitors to Istanbul soon discover that this beautiful city has a great deal to offer. It boasts incredible historic sites, marvelous shopping, and amazing dining opportunities that you’ll look forward to trying. There’s no shortage of things to do and places to go, so you can easily pack every day with plenty of activities and once-in-a-lifetime moments. However, you don’t have to maintain this fast pace. Some of the best memories come from slowing down and taking a breath, and one of the best places to do this is Camlica Hill.

Old City Paradise

Located in the Old City, this hill provides visitors with incredible views of Istanbul’s Old City. It rises 268 meters (almost 900 feet!) above sea level, and is surrounded by trees. It’s a favorite picnic area in the city because of the relaxed ambience and stunning views of the surrounding areas. In fact, the beauty of this spot is so moving that it has inspired many songs and poems.

A Touch of History

While the hillside may not boast many buildings, it still has its own touch of history. Surrounded by a pine tree forest that dates back to the Byzantine period, the hillside was once covered with such a dense layer of trees that the sunlight could not reach the ground. It has plenty of open space now for you to relax and enjoy an afternoon, but the feeling of that ancient forest is maintained thanks to the pine trees that still adorn the area.

A Variety of Uses

The hill hasn’t always been a favored spot for visitors. Throughout the ages, it’s served several different functions. Ottoman Sultans have built summer residences and hunting lodges on this site, and it has been used as a recreational area for royalty. During the Ottoman period, it became one of the training sites for their birds of prey, and it later become an area for hawk and falcon breeders to perfect the next generation of birds.

Convenient and Enjoyable

The hill is easy to access in modern Istanbul, and it’s now a favored site for tourists of all ages. When you’re ready to take an afternoon off from sightseeing, you can venture into this space for the incredible views and amazing ambience. You can purchase lunch on site or at a restaurant along the way, or you can bring something to eat with you.

The Hotel Büyük Keban is located near the Old City and transportation lines, so it’s easy for guests to spend some time exploring the hillside and looking out over the city as Sultans once did. Our boutique hotel is recently remodeled, and we have all the amenities that you’re looking for including Internet access, a spa, hairdresser and concierge department. Our rates are highly competitive, and you’ll appreciate our relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

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