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Cevahir Visit Istanbul and Experience Europe's Largest Shopping Mall

No matter where else in the world travelers shop, they will never experience the feeling ancient travelers learned on their way to Istanbul. You haven't really shopped unless you've shopped in Cevahir, Europe's largest shopping mall. This is the shopping experience of a lifetime and should be on every traveler's itinerary.

The Allure of Istanbul

Istanbul is everything a traveler dreams of. With some of the most exclusive hotel accommodations, a week in this beautiful ancient city isn't enough time to really enjoy all Istanbul has to offer. Many travelers do favor Hotel Büyük Keban as their top choice of hotels. It's bright, impeccably clean and modern with a subtle hint of the historical Turkish style that’s so charming and appealing. There has been a bit of remodeling recently that adds to its attraction. When travelers arrive at Attaturk Airport, they discover a wide variety of transportation, including a shuttle service to and from the airport. That's convenience at its best.

Things to See in Istanbul

Plan your travel in Istanbul carefully. Days can be quite full. Start with Cevahir on Büyük Avenue in Sisli district. It has a parking capacity for up to 2500 cars. It can also be reached via the Metro. Entering this amazing shopping site is breathtaking; with several tiers of shopping levels to choose from, many travelers will take a day or two to shop just to make certain they don't miss all of the wonderful shops and sites within Cevahir.

Take note that there is large number of international brand shops at Cevahir. When in Istanbul, shop as Turks do. This is what a trip to Cevahir is all about – enjoying the city as locals do. By day's end, you'll want to recuperate in our famous Turkish-style bath. You may even want to return to one of Cevahir’s many restaurants for your evening meal.

Istanbul - The Old City - The Heart of Turkey

Travelers are often surprised to learn that the friendly Turks welcome visitors to Istanbul as they have for centuries in the past. Many Turks are fluent in several languages, which helps travelers feel right at home.

And, of course, a trip to Istanbul isn’t complete without a visit the Grand and Spice Bazaars. This is a shopping experience like no other.

While enjoying the all the shopping Istanbul has to offer, be sure to set aside some time to see some of our world famous landmarks, such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. The Old City is full of historical treasures large and small. If you’d like help deciding which ones you should put on your must-see list, just ask our concierge for tips!

Reserve Hotel Accommodations in Advance

Cevahir is modern and exciting. It’s not unusual to spot business tourists and travel groups among the throngs of visitors at Europe’s largest shopping center.

Istanbul welcomes millions of visitors every year, which is why it’s a wise idea to secure your hotel reservations in advance. Contact us today to learn more about our accommodations and amenities or simply book your room today!

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