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Choosing the Right Meeting Room at the Hotel Buyuk Keban

In truth, meetings can be held anywhere. Yet, as businesses grow, they tend to get more complicated. As growth tends to be most businesses’ goal, it is best practice to operate business meetings in an orderly and structured manner. As it is top priority to make sure the content of a meeting is properly prepared, the presentation should be as well. In order to present a well thought-out presentation, and have your attendees receive it well, the location of your meeting can play a big factor in determining whether or not this will be a success.



Looking for the Perfect Meeting Location? Consider Hotel Buyuk Keban

Our beautifully structured and renovated boutique hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the historical peninsula in Istanbul. It is close to various types of public transportation and walking distance from some historical attractions. This is why Hotel Buyuk Keban will make the perfect location to host your next business meeting.

Use Hotel Buyuk Keban meeting rooms as an opportunity to take a break from the daily routine of a stuffy office. Conducting a meeting in another locale can provide you and your colleagues with a fresh perspective. Paired with the state of the art technology that our meeting room provides, your presentation is sure to make a splash, landing accounts and closing business deals, ultimately increasing your business’ capacity.

Meeting Rooms with Great Communication Technology

Our hotel has WiFi service. This means so does your meeting rooms!  Yet, you can take confidence that your meeting room will have a private WiFi network. Additionally, our meeting rooms are equipped with a projector with DVI, VGA, and HDMI output to display your colorful PowerPoint slides and charts. We can also provide you with a wireless microphone and BOSE L1 sound system to ensure that your message is heard loud and clear.

Hotel Buyuk Keban’s meeting rooms also have additional tools like a laser pointer, flip chart and slide changer upon request.

In addition to our top-notch technology, we also offer you several options as to how you would like your meeting room arranged. Our past guests have found this quite beneficial and often schedule future meetings for different occasions.

Create the Perfect Setting

Hotel Buyuk Keban offers compact meeting rooms that can accommodate 15 -25 guests. Our grande meeting rooms have a seating capacity of 42 – 80 attendees.

Each meeting room can be arranged in four different settings:

⦁ U-Shaped– Tables are set up in the shape of the letter ‘U’ with two chairs to a table.

⦁ Group Seating – Three tables are clustered together seating a total of six people, two to a table.

⦁ Classroom Seating – Tables are aligned front to back, seating two people to a table, all facing one way.

⦁ Theater Seating – No tables, just chairs set up all facing one way.

Book Your Next Meeting with Hotel Buyuk Keban

When you are ready to take your business meeting to another level of professionalism, contact Hotel Buyuk Keban. We will create the perfect arrangement for you and your colleagues that will provide you with the most productivity. Call us today at +90 212 512 00 20 or contact us online to reserve your space now!

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