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Concierge Services Offered at the Hotel Buyuk Keban

Traveling anywhere unfamiliar can be adventurous, yet somehow off-putting. The thrill and terror of being somewhere other than home is normal. Here at Hotel Buyuk Keban, we understand how intimidating it can be to travel abroad. That is why we have placed a Concierge Department for all of our guests to consult with during their stay with us.

Most luxury hotels have a concierge service but don’t really inform their guests about how they can fully utilize their services.

Hotel Buyuk Keban is a boutique hotel located in Istanbul, Turkey where a myriad of hostels are available for travelers to lay their weary heads for a minimal price, which is why they are so popular. However, Hotel Buyuk Keban offers our clean and affordable rooms at competitive rates that match those of some hostels offering the amenities of a luxury hotel. 

What Our Concierge Department Offers 

Handling Luggage 

Be treated like royalty as soon as you check into our hotel. You won’t have to  lift a finger! Don’t worry about dragging your heavy suitcases to your room. Our concierge service will handle your luggage for you. Rest easy knowing that your personal belongings are safely tucked away in your air-conditioned private room equipped with your own bathroom—and unlike the hostels, with no one to share it with! 

Book a Tour 

While our concierge service is taking care of your luggage, take the opportunity to inquire about all of the sightseeing tours that we have available.

Hotel Buyuk Keban is located in the center of Old Istanbul surrounded by historic attractions that are in walking distance. Adventurers can visit the Asian side of Istanbul as well as some of the famous landmarks within the area. Guests can also arrange to visit the infamous city of Troy. Whether it’s a day trip around the city, across the waters, our Concierge Department can arrange the most delightful trip that will truly make your visit at Hotel Buyuk Keban a memorable one. 

Dinner Reservations 

It is said that the best way to embrace a culture is to taste their authentic cuisine. Hotel Buyuk Keban’s Concierge Department knows where all of the best restaurants are to dine the most delicious food in Turkey, including our own restaurant where you can feast on our well-known breakfast buffet of hot and cold food items, including daily pre-cut ingredients and fresh items. View our breakfast menu here. 

Cell Phone Service 

Avoid paying for expensive roaming cell phone charges by renting one of our cell phones. By investing in this service, you will be using a local transmission and avoiding the surcharge of paying overseas cell phone fees. 

Airport Transportation 

Don’t worry yourself about whether or not you’ll make it to the airport on time. All you have to do is visit our Concierge Department and let them know what your flight plans are and they can arrange proper transportation from the hotel to the airport in a sufficient amount of time. The only thing you have to do is have the concierge bring your luggage back down to the lobby and wait!

Treat Yourself at Hotel Buyuk Keban! 

As a guest at Hotel Buyuk Keban, our Concierge Department is equipped to take care of anything you need during your stay in Istanbul. From food, to sightseeing tours, airport shuttling, and proper cell phone service, as one of guests, just let us know exactly what you need. Book your reservation at Hotel Buyuk Keban today by contacting us online or emailing us today!

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