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Discount Family Hotel in Old City Istanbul

Traveling to Old City Istanbul, or anywhere for that matter with your family has both its joys and pitfalls. If everything goes according to plan it can be a memorable experience for all. On the flip side, however, family is also expensive. When you’re on a tight budget, you want to make sure you’re getting value for money. Booking your stay at a discount yet comfortable hotel in a convenient location, and that’s easily accessible, can make a world of difference.

Value for Money

Taking a long overdue and well deserved vacation with your family can be a great opportunity to spend quality time bonding and creating happy memories with the people closest to you. Unfortunately, however, when you travel with family, it’s no secret that the expenses do add up. That’s why it’s important to book your stay at an affordable hotel that is an ideal option for family accommodations… without sacrificing comfort and luxury.  Hotel Büyük Keban have spent forty plus years catering to families of the world. We recently completed a full scale renovation of the premises to better service our guests with upgraded rooms and amenities.  Our newly remodeled rooms tailor to your family’s individual needs and come in various sizes and styles. Top notch amenities include our restaurant with renowned chefs, complimentary spa, bar, game room and Internet Corner. Lastly our friendly hospitality makes Büyük Keban the number one destination for savvy travelers seeking the best value for money.

Convenient Location

The more people you have in your family, the more people you will need to hurry out of the hotel in the morning. Let’s not forget how long your spouse or children like to take in the shower. With absolutely no time to waste on a tight schedule, a centrally located hotel is a must when traveling with your family. Hotel Büyük Keban is conveniently located right in the heart of Old City Istanbul on the Historic Peninsula near top landmarks and popular tourist sites. When you book your stay at a hotel that is located at the center of all the action, your family spends less time, energy and expenses getting to where they want to go. Hubby wants to take in all the historic landmarks and mosques while you and your daughter are eager to do some serious shopping at the Grand Bazaar. And your son? Well, all he wants to do is devour Turkey’s delicious cuisine. Not a problem. Büyük Keban is just a short walk away from all of the above.

Easily Accessible

Mobility can also be an issue when traveling with family. We’re not necessarily talking about large families either. Even if you have a disabled or elderly person in your family, you’re going to want to make sure you can easily get from one point to another. Easy transportation can make the difference between a stress free vacation and a stressful one.   Luckily for you, Hotel Büyük Keban is easily accessible from Ataturk Airport. With four options available to our guests, we couldn’t be easier to reach. Taxi, shuttle, VIP pick up or metro: Take your pick! Common sense should tell you to opt for taxi or VIP pick up when traveling with less mobile family members. If you’re part of a large family, however, you might want to opt for more budget friendly and spacious options such as shuttle and metro. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of travel time and costs.

For more information about our discount rates, contact Hotel Büyük Keban and book for the whole family today!

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