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Enjoy Your Evening at Buyuk Keban Bar

Ever since 1971, we have been welcoming guests at our gracious Hotel Büyük Keban. Our goal has always been to help you feel at home, and we believe we are doing a great job, given the wonderful feedback we get from new guests and the constant return of our loyal customers.

The Perfect Location

Located in the European part of Istanbul that is also known as the Old City, we are close to many famous historic and cultural attractions, as well as exceptional business destinations. This convenience, along with our gracious service, is a magnet for travelers who want to enjoy the many facets of Istanbul.

Connect, Relax, Enjoy

Enjoying an evening at the Hotel Büyük Keban bar is an excellent way to connect with fellow travelers, have a casual business meeting, or simply to regroup before going out for the evening. Right next to our lobby, the bar is open 24 hours a day, which means you can also spend some time over a coffee, tea, or other non-alcoholic beverage during the morning or daytime hours before setting out to sightsee and shop.

An Ambiance for Any Occasion

With its comfortable leather chairs and perfect lighting, our bar creates an ambiance that suits any occasion. Make new friends at the bar over a local drink or an international cocktail, meet up with old friends or business associates at a private table, or read a newspaper, catch up on correspondence, or simply daydream over a glass of wine as you digest your experiences here in our fascinating city.

Feeling Completely at Home

All the warmth that is found in Istanbul is here at our bar. Known for our hospitable temperament, the Turkish way is to make you feel completely at ease and this is always our desire, whether you are staying for one night or longer.

Great Service and Affordability

Our hotel has won numerous online awards, such as the Best New Partner award, along with the Top Clean Hotel Award for 2014. With great service and affordability, we have rooms to accommodate every need, whether you are traveling alone, with your partner, or with your family. Our concierge service is exceptional and always ready to answer any question and to provide you with options for sightseeing, dining, nightlife, or anything else you may require.

Our International Feeling

Having undergone an extensive renovation in 2013, you will find nothing but comfort here at Hotel Büyük Keban. With all of the modern amenities combined with old-world largesse, even locals come to our locale to spend time at the bar where they can enjoy the international feeling that is so palpable here.

Contact Us Today

For more information on what we offer at our hotel or to book your room for your next trip to Istanbul, please contact us today!

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