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Explore Istanbul by Bike Rental Services from Hotel Büyük Keban

There’s nothing like getting around Istanbul on a bicycle! What a way to see the city from an intimate point of view, taking the enchanting alleys and serpentine side streets to get away from traffic. Getting around on two wheels gets you closer to areas that most tourists never get to see.

The Freedom of a Bike

At Hotel Büyük Keban we are total fans of the two-wheel way, which is why we offer our on-site bike rental service. Our top-quality bikes will allow you to experience our great city like a local. Whether you choose to use a bike map, take an organized bike tour, or simply let your inner gyroscope be your guide, you will have an amazing time taking in all the sights and sounds atop your comfortable seat as you tour like a native.

Easy to Get Around

Istanbul has approximately 30 km of bike lanes on each side of the city, with plans to develop even more around the Golden Horn. With drivers and pedestrians well aware of bicycle traffic inside the city, you can wend your way without worry as you find the easiest routes for cycling.

Getting to Know the Real Istanbul

Riding a bike in Istanbul allows you to take in all the incredible scenery, as well as find easy access to mosques, churches, parks, and traditional districts that are off the beaten path. Going behind the scenes is a great way to get to know the real Istanbul, visiting out of the way ruins, monuments, and cafes. Stop along the way to enjoy a simit - a bagel-like chewy bread that’s covered in sesame seeds. Chase it down with a çay - a delicious Turkish tea, or a mokka - coffee to refresh you before you take off again.

A Wonderful Adventure

Bicycling to see the archeological sites here makes for an unforgettable experience. Explore the Old City, visiting Suleymaniye with its minarets and curves, the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Hippodrome, and other important sites. Cruise around Gülhane Park, which sits within a high wall separating it from the sometimes hectic rhythm of the Sultanahmet. Then take a scenic route through historic districts like Fatih and Kumkapi, where you’ll be right in the heart of authentic streets almost untouched by tourism.

Another excellent adventure is biking around the Golden Horn, the beautiful inlet in the Bosphorus. Here you will see strong evidence of the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires that have molded our incomparable metropolis over the centuries. Stop and visit the churches, mosques, ruins, and more to soak in the history while you take photos to send back home. Then hop on a boat to take a water tour, seeing the area from yet another perspective.

Book Your Bike Today

Whether you take to the hills or go around the city, you’re bound to have an exceptional time as you feel a part of Istanbul’s pulse. Come to our concierge desk to rent a bike and we will help you navigate your day with maps, advice, and a shared excitement for what’s in store!

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