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Famous Shopping Streets in Istanbul

Istanbul is a shopper's heaven, whether you are looking for typical Turkish artifacts and clothing or high end couture. From the Grand Bazaar to modern shopping malls, there is something for everyone in the city, and it is no wonder that so many tourists are flocking here to enjoy some of the most exciting shopping in the world.

As a major capital of art and culture, shopping in Istanbul is as important a pastime as visiting the monuments, eating our amazing cuisine, people watching, and seeing a traditional Turkish show. With temptations everywhere, there are definitely some streets that are more traversed than others for their concentration of shops, diversity of choice, and lively cafe and restaurant scene.

Of course, we at Hotel Büyük Keban are never at a loss to recommend some of the most famous shopping streets here in our city. Here is a short list of four that are not to be missed:

Istiklal Street

Known as Independence Avenue, this is a long avenue stretching three kilometers, located in the heart of Istanbul right near Taksim Square in Beyoglu. Lined with 19th century palaces and embassies, many buildings have been converted into high end shops that feature some of the world’s top brands. A truly colorful pedestrian street, you can spend hours, if not days, browsing and spending money, as well as enjoying the many restaurants, cafes, and street shows.

At night the street boasts a great scene, with bars, clubs, and discos for almost every taste. With up to a million people walking Istiklal Street everyday, it would be a crime not to spend some time here yourself.

Divan Yolu in Sultanahmet

This was one of the most important roads during the Byzantine era. It begins at the Hagia Sophia and goes on to Beyazit Square. Here you will find some very famous sites such as the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Beyazit Mosque, and the famous and not-to-be-believed-until-you-go-there, Grand Bazaar. There are many other sights on Divan Yolu, including great shopping opportunities and eateries.

Etiler Nispetiye Avenue

This is a very luxurious street in Etiler with many shops, restaurants, and sumptuous cafes. A place to people watch and be seen, you can do some very serious shopping here, with enough brand name and specialty shops to keep any shopaholic satisfied.

Bagdat Caddesi

Saving one of the most exceptional streets for last, we come to Bagdat Caddesi in Bostanci-Goztepe. So luxe that it has been ranked at number three next to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Calle Serrano in Madrid, this one-way avenue offers a divine shopping experience for those who seek the best.

Lined with old plane trees, department stores, shopping malls, and elite shops featuring high-end brands and couture, Bagdat Caddesi is ideal for spending money or just simply window shopping. With most retail stores open seven days a week, we're sure you'll find a time to explore this 14 kilometer street with its gorgeous cafes and restaurants and scintillating nightlife.

Start Planning Your Trip!

The concierge at Hotel Buyuk Keban always has suggestions on the best places to find what you’d like to shop for. Book a room today and take advantage of our inside knowledge of the best places to shop in Istanbul!

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