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Hotel Büyük Keban’s Meeting Rooms Gracious Hosting, Full Accommodation

As if it isn’t enough to be in the exciting and exotic city of Istanbul, at Hotel Büyük Keban we offer you the opportunity to stay in a wonderful 3-star hotel that boasts excellent amenities and gracious hosting. Whether you are a traveler, vacationer, or event planner, we have the perfect locale for any type of event.

Let our expert concierge services partner with you to organize and create an event that perfectly matches your specifications and needs. Whether it is a reception, conference, training program, or party, we can put together all of the elements that will make your gathering a success.

Compact or Grande

Choose between two areas: our Compact locale or the larger Grande Meeting Room. Both rooms offer a variety of possibilities:

⦁ U-Shape: tables set up in a u-shape formation where guests sit on the outside of the tables, allowing the speaker to easily make eye contact with everyone

⦁ Group: tables set up back-to-back where guests can sit in groups of four, six, or eight

⦁ Classroom: tables set up back-to-back with enough space for the speaker to move around, making it ideal for a training session

⦁ Theater: placing the speaker at the front of the room facing attendees, this is ideal for crowded meetings or conferences

Our Compact room seats up to 15 in the u-shape formation, 12 in the group setting, 15 in the classroom, and 25 in the theater. Our Grande Meeting Room accommodates 42 people in the u-shape, 48 in the group, 50 in the classroom, and 80 in the theater.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Offering state-of-the-art technology, your meeting or event can be enhanced by the following equipment:

·      Projector with DVI, VGA, and HDMI output

·      Wireless BOSE L1 sound system

·      Wireless microphone system

·      Laser pointer

·      Slide changer

·      Flip chart

·      Automated lights

·      Private Wi-Fi network

Enjoy a comfortable, air-conditioned setting where you can easily present audio/visual material, showcase your emcee, and play the music that’s just right for your event. And best of all, our hotel can accommodate your guests with an advance booking that also gives them one of the best addresses in town for visiting sites in the Old City. Just steps away from some of the great monuments and the famed Grand Bazaar, our location is perfect for sightseeing and returning to the comforts of your inviting room.

Catering, Drinks, Amenities

Hotel Büyük Keban also offers excellent catering, with our banquet department providing buffet breakfasts, along with lunch and dinner packages tailored to your guests’ dietary needs and preferences. Meet around our bar for casual drinks in between events. Enjoy our in-house spa, complete with Jacuzzi, authentic hammam, and massage services. No matter what you choose, our gracious hospitality extends beyond your expectations.

Make It Easy: Let Us Handle the Details

We make it easy to arrange all the details for your meetings, including airport transfers, city tours, recommendations for places to visit and enjoy around the city, and more. Our 40 years in business has given us the experience to help make your event and your stay here at our hotel an impeccable experience. Don’t wait a moment longer! Book your event today!

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