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How to Spend a Saturday Night in Istanbul’s Taksim Square

Everyone knows that Istanbul is a great city for nightlife. Vibrant and varied, there are many exceptional bars and clubs throughout town, some of which date back 30 years and others that are brand new.

Taksim Square

Istanbul boasts many city centers. One of the most popular and exciting of these is in Taksim Square, located in the European neighborhood of Beyoğlu and famed for its many restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping meccas. Contemporary and pulsing with life, this is the place where tourist and locals alike flock to let loose, meet old or new friends, and soak in another part of Turkish culture that comes alive after daylight hours.

Spending a Saturday night in Istanbul's Taksim Square can present a dizzying amount of choices.

Walk along İstiklal Caddesi, or Independence Avenue, that ends at the square and you'll find countless possibilities for quenching your Saturday night fever!

Here are just a few of our recommendations for a night on the town:

Galata Tower

Housed in a beautiful landmark from the mid 14th century and erected to defend Constantinople, Galata Tower has a great restaurant, nightclub, and gorgeous deck view of the Old City and beyond. Go towards sunset for a drink to start your night off with style and inspiration.

Mojo Bar

Open since 1997, this bar has a funky live music scene featuring excellent local bands playing both Turkish music and covers. Whether you like rock, funk, blues, or jazz, this is the place to hang.

Nevi Bar

Six levels make this the place for variety! Right near fish market on Nevizade Street, Nevi Bar has a rooftop terrace for amazing views. Popular amongst the younger crowd, here's a place where you can get cheap beers while mingling with fellow partiers from all over the world.


Just inside Atlas Pasaji right off İstiklal Caddesi, this is a reasonably priced and casual place for friends, couples, and singles to mingle. It gets very crowded towards the early morning hours, with everyone grooving to music from the 80s and 90s.


In a beautiful 19th apartment building with a 360 degree view of the Bosphorus, Sea of Marmara, and Golden Horn, 360 boasts an atmospheric interior and an excellent restaurant and bar. Dine and then enjoy the DJs, vocalists, dancers, and performances that make this place the perfect all-night party.


If you like Asian food, this is the place for delicious Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese flavors. After satisfying your appetite, there's a terrific after-dinner scene at the bar where you can soak in the music and make some new friends.


This concert spot always presents a great selection of music from around the world, including jazz, reggae, electronic, Turkish, and more. With indie pop and rock acts gracing the stage and a hopping bar scene, you can't go wrong. Ask our concierge to find out what's happening during your stay so that we can book tickets for you.

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