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How to Visit Istanbul's Top Tourist Sites in One Day

Ok, so it’s not ideal, but sometimes life is just so busy that you can only manage a quick getaway. But a mini-break is better than no break! So, if you’re coming to Istanbul for even a brief visit, fear not: it is possible to really enjoy the city and its endless wonders, even if you only have a short amount of time. To maximize your enjoyment, let us make a key recommendation: stay central. Istanbul is a vast city, and while many hotels may promise being close to the airport, or in charming neighborhoods off the beaten path, that’s not what you want if you intend to see its most famous sites of touristic and historic interest. In order to see the best of Istanbul in a short amount of time, we highly recommend that you reserve accommodations in the center of the city - where all the most amazing sights, sounds, tastes and experiences are all around!

Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula: Where It’s All Happening

Istanbul is famous for the exceptional variety of its architecture, the quality and range of its cuisine, and the fascinating mix of culture that its history represents. The remarkable cosmopolitan heritage of Istanbul - the capital of four world empires throughout history - is all reflected in the magical Old City on the Historic Peninsula. This is the place to go to get a glimpse through the millennia of Istanbulli history - see the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, the Sultanahmet Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, the Galata Tower, the Gulhane Park, the Basilica Cistern, and the Beyazit Tower. And of course, all around are the astonishingly exotic views of the metropolis and exquisite tastes waiting to be discovered in a number of wonderful cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and specialty shops.

Comfortable, Convenient Hotel in Center of Istanbul

The Hotel Büyük Keban is right in the middle of it all, amidst all the best attractions that make Istanbul so unique: enchanting art and architecture, delightful music and cinema, exquisite fashion and food. We are an affordable and comfortable hotel within walking distance of all the most amazing historical landmarks mentioned above. When you stay here, it’s all yours to discover, just minutes away.

In addition, a plethora of delightful restaurants and charming cafes in the neighborhood will enchant you - and you’re just a short walk from your luxuriously comfortable mattress with high-quality linens, our inviting game room and lounge, and our sumptuous Turkish baths - all yours to enjoy around the clock.  In the morning, after enjoying our marvelous and copious breakfast buffet complete with international and Mediterranean specialties, head out for a lovely stroll in the surrounding neighborhood for a strong Turkish coffee while you drink in the breathtaking views across the sparkling Strait of Bosphorus.

Get the Most out of Istanbul - Stay with Us

We at the Hotel Büyük Keban have been welcoming travelers from around the world for over 40 years. Comfort, convenience, and customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of our business: we take pride in providing excellent service in our high-quality, centrally-located hotel, all while keeping our prices surprisingly low. And we consistently strive to serve you better: our entire premises have recently been updated and refurbished - we invite you to check out all we have to offer for your upcoming trip to Istanbul!

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