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Is Travel in Istanbul Expensive

As the beating heart of Turkey and a major world metropolis, Istanbul attracts travellers from all over the world, who come to see the phenomenal sites that speak of ancient Byzantium and Constantinople; study abroad in Europe’s hottest destination; do business in Turkey’s booming economy; or explore the culinary, cinematic, musical, and otherwise cultural mecca that this city continues to be.

Fortunately, Istanbul remains one of the least expensive cities in Europe. You can enjoy all that Istanbul has to offer without breaking the bank – especially if you avoid the tourist traps and concentrate on the places that attract the city’s locals, which of course are always the most interesting and authentic.

More for Your Money

At Hotel Büyük Keban, we offer excellent amenities and services at extremely affordable rates. Our 150-room hotel provides a selection of rooms that you can choose according to your pocketbook, from budget to one of our new luxury suites. Each morning you can greet the day with our vast spread of breakfast delicacies, which is included in the price of your room. Taking your fill of our healthy menu is a wonderful way to prepare yourself for a day of sightseeing, meetings, or just going where the spirit takes you.

Delicious Dining on the Cheap

Being so well placed in the city and with so much activity right outside our doors, you’ll save money on transport – you can explore the surrounding Old City on foot and enjoy numerous cafes and restaurants with a range of offerings at great prices. Istanbul is truly a must-taste destination for food lovers; Turkish cuisine is so delicious, fresh, and varied, that you can hardly go wrong.

The Pleasures of Authentic Eating

If you want to enjoy the simple pleasures of street food, neighborhood cafes, and cozy patisseries where you get a sense of old-world Istanbul, you will find what you are looking for in every neighborhood. Sit with a Turkish coffee and a tulumba (a traditional semolina donut bathed in syrup) and watch the world go by. Order a döner or balik ekmek (fresh fish sandwich) from one of the many street vendors, or hop in a büfe or snack shop for a light snack like a börek or pide. Tasty, filling, and healthy, these are all cheap and authentic bites of local flavors.

Value at Every Level

There are many restaurants where you can eat sumptuously at reasonable prices, as well as the expected posh places where it’s great to ‘see and be seen.’ This is also true of the bars and nightclubs, which range from truly affordable to a more pricy range, depending on the level of luxury. Prices will always depend on the level of service and amenities, as in any city, but Istanbul is one where you get incredible value no matter the category.

Entry costs to visiting the major sites are free or very low in price. When it comes to shopping, you can find amazing bargains, especially in the large street markets like the Grand Bazaar where bargaining is an enjoyable must!

An Awesome Destination for Budget Travel

With a wide range of amenities that come with the price of your room, staying at Hotel Büyük Keban will feel like luxury living despite the bargain rates. Contact us today to learn how to make the most out of your stay in Istanbul!

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