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Istanbul An Alternative Destination for Your Christmas Vacation

Looking for something unusual for this Christmas, but not sure where you might find it? Looking for a little culture and cosmopolitanism for the holidays, but not sure where might fit the bill? Tired of the same old Christmas songs and wanting something less commercial and more charming this Yuletide? Consider Istanbul. While it’s not specifically known for being a wintertime destination, Istanbul is delightful in December. Here are several reasons why.

Visiting Istanbul in December: Cool Temperatures but Warm Hospitality

It’s true - Istanbul isn’t a tropical destination in the middle of winter. It lies at 41° latitude - just like Barcelona, Spain, or Rome, Italy. So you won’t find sunny beach going weather, but you will find pleasantly moderate temperatures: usually no lower than 5 degrees Celsius at night and rising to 9 or 10 degrees Celsius (46° - 50° F) during the days, though the sunlight can be interspersed with some rain.If it does get a little chilly or a few drops come down, what better time to duck into a charming shop for a sample of delicious loukoum and a strong dose of mokka coffee? Head out again when it clears, explore a bit, then treat yourself to a creamy sahlep drink with a bit of nutty, earthy baklava. Turks are famous for their hospitality and their excellent cuisine, so the cool temperatures won’t slow you down as you enjoy all the indoors has to offer.

December 25: Just Another Day to Enjoy the City

Because Christmas Day is not an official holiday here, you’ll have that day to enjoy the sights and visit the myriad of amazing culinary establishments the city has to offer. It’s a perfect day to splurge on a heavenly treatment at a spa, a visit to a Turkish bath, or a sumptuous meal at one of Istanbul’s must-taste restaurants. In addition, what makes Istanbul special at the holiday time is that while it’s not a majority Christian country and not many Turks celebrate Christmas, there’s nevertheless an authentic and festive air as the city readies itself for the New Year holiday. Many places are decorated in a charming fashion with lights and wintry themes, but it’s not commercially overdone like it is in many other countries. So if plastic Santas, cheesy blinking light displays, and endless loops of Mariah Carey and George Michael Christmas music are not your bag, you’ll appreciate the very toned-down celebrations here.

Convenience and Affordability on Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula

The Hotel Büyük Keban Hotel is a newly renovated, affordable hotel that has been serving travelers for over 40 years. Ideally located within walking distance of major attractions in the center of the city, it is a great place to come home to after a lively day of explorations. Here, you can treat yourself to a peaceful night’s sleep on the wonderfully comfortable mattresses in our well-appointed rooms, enjoy our fabulous huge breakfast buffet, and take advantage of our on-site spa facilities, complete with traditional Turkish bath, sauna, and jacuzzi.

For your Christmas visit to Istanbul, we offer you quality, comfortable accommodations to fit your preferences and your budget alike. Check out all we have to offer and let us be your home away from home!

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