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Istanbul Shopping Fest 2014 Is Coming Up Start Saving Money

Istanbul is not only a year-round destination for visitors wishing to expand their knowledge of history through our incredible architecture, art, and culture, but also for those on the hunt for great buys on exceptional gifts. From antiques and artifacts to spices, jewelry, and carpets, Turkey is known for its unique materials and craftspeople.

Amazing Bargains

Every summer, Istanbul offers several weeks of amazing shopping opportunities, with over 90 shopping venues open until 2:00 in the morning, and many street shops open all night long. With huge discounts in the outlet stores and elsewhere, you can get incredible bargains at popular places like the Sapphir Bazaar and the Capitol Shopping Centre, which attract avid visitors from all around the globe.

A Huge Range of Items

Istanbul shopping means that the souvenirs you bring home don't have to be just the photos you take. No matter what your budget, Istanbul Shopping Fest 2014 means that you will find a huge range of affordable items for each and every person on your list. And where could you have more fun finding Turkish and international exotica than in the famous Grand Bazaar, or the Spice Market, formerly known as the Egyptian Market?

Staying Central to All

At Hotel Büyük Keban, we always look forward to these great summer shopping days in our city. And our guests are always happy to have booked a room in our hotel, which is so central to all that is going on, day and night. Staying at Hotel Büyük Keban makes it easy to come home during your shopping spree in order to put down your packages, rest up a little with an in-room snack or an hour in our in-house hammam, and then go out again to continue with the exciting festivities.

Shopping Suggestions

Istanbul offers some really great buys on onyx, which is a beautiful and noble stone found in abundance in Turkey. Buy a beautifully crafted chess set, decorative bowl, ashtray, vase, jewelry, or even an unusual bathroom fixture. Another special present to bring back to a friend or family member is a nargile, or Turkish water pipe. Originally from India, this work of art found its way to Turkey during the Ottoman Empire and sitting around the nargile is now a traditional way to socialize and enjoy flavored tobacco with friends. Leather goods are highly prized here in Istanbul, and during the Shopping Fest you have the opportunity to find some special bargains on handbags, purses, belts, jackets, and more. Gold is also a good choice, with excellent prices that are reduced even more to celebrate the event.

Entertainment and Refreshments

And if the shopping isn't enough, you can enjoy street entertainment going on in most of the major high streets throughout the day and night. Restaurants and cafes are also open, offering all the best Turkish foods and drinks to keep you refreshed and energized as you set out on your next shopping excursion.

Book Your Room Today

The Shopping Fest is the mega event of the year for bargain hunters, collectors, and gift-givers. Make sure you book your room today at our convenient and comfortable hotel, where you will find all the amenities you need during your shopping holiday.


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