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Istanbul Sites Mentioned in Dan Brown’s Inferno

The author of Inferno has managed to put Istanbul back on the map for tourists and business travelers alike. Published in 12 countries, Dan Brown’s book is highly anticipated in Turkey because the city of Istanbul plays an important role in the storyline. People who’ve read the book may want to see these sites for themselves in order to take in their full splendor and historic significance.

Basilica Cistern

Dating back to the sixth century, visitors will appreciate the craftsmanship and skill required to build such a structure without the aid of modern tools and equipment. The cistern has an unassuming entrance that takes visitors down to the Sunken Palace. The ceiling is supported by 12 rows of 28 columns, and the water at the base of the columns is home to a thriving environment capable of supporting fish and other animals. Brown fans may remember in particular the twin heads of Medusa that serve as the bases for the cistern’s magnificent columns.

Hagia Sophia

This historic masterpiece is sometimes described as the eighth wonder of the world, and most visitors would agree. Located just a short distance from the Basilica Cistern, this structure is one of the highlights of any visit to Istanbul. The religious site is particularly interesting to some because of the way it blends Christian and Muslim symbols into one building.

In the book, the main characters ignore the most appealing parts of the museum to head to the tomb of Henricus Dandalo, a far less interesting feature that lacks the artistry found throughout the museum. When you visit this site, however, you should consider signing up for a tour. This way, you can be confident that you’ll see the incredible mosaics, artwork and other items on interest in this impressive structure.

Markets, Vendors, and Excitement

The characters don’t simply land in Istanbul and immediately go to these historic sites. There is time spent traveling through the modern city. These are some of the most enjoyable spots for people who visit Istanbul hoping to do a little shopping or enjoying some fine dining. While you should make a plan to visit the Hagia Sophia and Basilica Cistern, you may also want to give yourself some time to take in the daily activities of this modern city.

Take a Tour

Another option is to sign up for one of the new tours that are coming out in honor of the book and the city’s role in the story. The goal is to give visitors the opportunity to connect with Istanbul through the eyes of Dan Brown’s main character, Robert Langdon, and the tours feature history, art, and music in addition to the cultural sites.

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