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Istanbul - The Perfect Honeymoon Destination in Europe

Hotel Büyük Keban is calling all brides, grooms and newlyweds. It’s finally time to exhale!

We understand that planning your dream wedding has been stressful at times. Vendor appointments, bridal store visits, picking out wedding favors, the list goes on. Not to mention you’ve probably been totally inundated with family and friends making the most outrageous requests the closer it got to your big day.

“Can you pick me up at the airport? It won’t take that long!”

What better way to unwind than with Istanbul’s rich history, mesmerizing architecture, mouthwatering cuisine and welcoming atmosphere? A cocktail or two in one of Istanbul’s romantic bars or lounges will surely get you back into your pre-wedding groove.

Never-ending Sights

Where do we start? Luckily for you Istanbul boasts wondrous sights around each and every corner. Some of the most popular points of interest in Istanbul include, but are certainly not limited to:

⦁ Hagia Sophia

⦁ Süleymaniye Mosque

⦁ Galata Tower

⦁ Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque

⦁ Topkapi Palace

⦁ Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

⦁ Basilica Cistern

We recommend that you research each one of the above and prioritize them based on you and your significant others preferences. We hope you’re not too pressed for time as Istanbul has a lot to offer its honeymooners. But of course, we’d be happy to extend your stay if you don’t want to leave us ;)

Delicious Local and Global Cuisine

It’s been said that you can build up quite an appetite when you’re happy and in love. That’s why Istanbul is the perfect city for honeymooners to eat their hearts out! Don’t be afraid to be experimental and challenge your taste pallets with the authentic Turkish cuisine that awaits you in every alleyway. Turkish restaurants have a mouthwatering depth and breadth to its dishes as they’re filled with exotic flavors and unique culinary combinations. The city’s abundant restaurants also offer both traditional and global cuisines. Just follow the scrumptious aromas and bring your sense of adventure with you!

Romantic and Welcoming Atmosphere  

If you didn’t already know, Turks are well known for their hospitality. With the city’s tranquil, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder why Istanbul was voted The Best European Destination of 2013. The city is also home to breathtaking views and panoramas as well as a comfortable Mediterranean climate for you and your lover to relax and enjoy year round. If you’re in the mood for a drink or two but don’t want to emerge yourself in the crazy club scene you experienced at your bachelorette or bachelor party,  fear not... Istanbul has nightlife for the grown and sexy too! Chill out with a cocktail from one of the city’s many cozy bars and lounges.

Calling all brides, grooms and newlyweds: Istanbul awaits YOU! Contact Hotel Büyük Keban to reserve your room and start a lifetime of love and celebration in Europe’s most romantic city today!


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