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Meeting Room Connectivity at the Hotel Buyuk Keban

Whether you are local to Istanbul, Turkey or traveling abroad for a meeting, making sure that every single aspect of communication equipment works properly is key.  When securing a place to hold important business meetings, it’s crucial to find a venue that has excellent communication connectivity. Without successful connectivity, your meeting can take on a negative tone. When communication isn’t being conveyedwell, it is likely that you will lose your audience’s interest in what it is that you are trying sell, whether it’s a product or idea.

That last thing any respectable business professional wants to do is lose his or her client’s attention. Hotel Buyuk Keban understands what makes a good presentation successful and has invested the best kind of communication equipment to guarantee that you are furnished with all of the tools to make your business meeting victorious.

Private WiFi Network

Hotel Buyuk Keban offers free WiFi to all of our guests, but we understand the importance of privacy. Business meetings are about sharing sensitive information about one’s company and business dealings to only a privileged few. This is why all of our meeting rooms provide private a WiFi network.

 Sound System

For a crisp and clear sound, Hotel Buyuk Keban has invested in one of the most popular sound systems. Bose® L-1 sound system offers loudspeaker technology that disperses sound evenly around a room. This equipment is light enough to move anywhere throughout the meeting room, yet delivers a heavy sound of quality and clarity. 

Visual Presentation 

For some, seeing is believing. Presenters can wow their clients and colleagues with state-of-the-art visual presentations. While delivering that stellar speech on our Bose® wireless microphone sound system, support your demonstration with colorful animated slideshows on our projector with DVI, VGA and HDMI output. With this equipment, professionals can add video to their pitch. Hotel Buyuk Keban offers other presenter tools like a laser pointer, slide changer and flipchart.

So whether you are comfortable with technology or prefer the old fashioned way of presenting, Hotel Buyuk Keban provides all the devices that you will need for your business meeting. 

Avoid Expensive Roaming Charges 

When traveling abroad, it is safe to assume that one might rack up some roaming charges. To avoid these unwanted charges, visit Hotel Buyuk Keban’s Concierge Service Department. Here you can make travel arrangements, make dinner reservations, get directions, book a tour around Istanbul, and most importantly, inquire about renting cell phone service during your stay with us. By renting cell phone service, you are only paying for ‘local’ charges through Hotel Buyuk Keban’s provider and not through your own which might be thousands of miles across the world.

Connect Your Business with Hotel Buyuk Keban 

Hotel Buyuk Keban is dedicated to making sure our guests feel at home, but we’re also in the business of helping you take care of your business! To schedule a meeting room, contact us today to reserve a date. If you would like to reserve a block of rooms for them to stay during your meeting, we can assist you with this as well. Call us today at +90 212 512 00 20, or contact us online, or email us with any questions you may have today!

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