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Secure and Affordable Accommodations for College Students in Istanbul

College life can be exciting, but it can also be scary. For most traditional college students, this marks the beginning of independence. There is no guardian to look over you to make sure that you are completing your homework assignments, and no one to tell you how to manage your life. You are completely independent, free to make your own choices. No wonder life as a first-year college student can be filled with excitement and anxiety!

This is just for traditional college students. What about those students who are studying abroad?

Going to school in a foreign country can certainly be intimidating. Adjusting to the culture, learning the language (if there is a language barrier) and getting used to the lay of the land can all be quite overwhelming. Top all of that with adjusting to your sleeping quarters—your dorm, it is all quite the orientation!

Sleeping in dorms can be fun…the first couple of weeks as you get to know everybody, but once classes begin, its time to work. Additionally, there is always the concern of walking to and from classes or the library to your dorm on those quiet nights. Even though most college campuses have security, it can still be a little scary.

An Alternative to College Living

Here’s a solution: Consider staying at a hotel during your semesters in Istanbul!

Yes, hotels can be quite expensive and the ones that you think you can afford are probably hostels. That is not always the case. Hotel Buyuk Keban is the perfect place for students to lodge during their college studies in Istanbul.

Because Hotel Buyuk Keban is a boutique hotel, we are able to provide affordable rates, even for students on a budget! We also pride ourselves in getting our guests the best rates in the area, guaranteeing that you have gotten the most your money can buy.

Advantages of Living at Hotel Buyuk Keban for College

Hotel Buyuk Keban is conveniently located in the heart of the historic peninsula of Old City district surrounded by famous attractions. It is also walking distance from public transportation. That means that the area is always lighted and there is a frequent hustle and bustle about our hotel that will give students a sense of security that someone is always on watch.

Our hotel never sleeps! That said, you could still get a good night’s rest! We have a 24-hour bar located next to our lobby that is fully staffed. That means that someone is always up and about. As a student, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what time of the hour you come home, the lights are always on at Hotel Buyuk Keban!

Live in Luxury While Studying Abroad

We know that living in a hotel while studying abroad seems a little out of the ordinary, especially for students who are on a budget. Trust us when we say that we can make it affordable by offering reasonable rates. By choosing to live at the Hotel Buyuk Keban, even for a semester, you will be able to come and go as you please with no curfew, take advantage of the housekeeping services, and most importantly, have access to a private bathroom!

Isn’t this worth checking out?

Call us today to find out what rates we can offer you during you studies here in Istanbul at +90 212 512 00 20 or contact us online or by email.

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