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The Best Parks in Istanbul

Istanbul is a big metropolis with countless things to do and see. And when you need to take a break from all the stimuli, there is welcome respite in beautiful parks that are scattered throughout the city.

Adding Calm to Your Day

Our parks are designed to transport you into a natural environment filled with the peace and quiet that will add calm and ease to your day. In between shopping and sightseeing, why not take an hour to bask in an environment that will recharge your batteries?

While you stay here, Hotel Büyük Keban’s concierge can recommend some of the best parks in Istanbul to help you appreciate the full spectrum of delights our city offers.

Yildiz Grove and Park in Besiktas

Located in a prosperous area of Istanbul, this park was built by Sultan Selim II for his mother as a private forest. It was later landscaped by Sultan Abdulhamid II, who added rare flowers and trees to create the Royal Garden, which is now one of our most beloved urban parks. Adorned with luxuriant pools, ponds, and waterfalls, you will also be among trees that are over 400 years old. While you are here, you can take a look at several buildings built by different Ottoman rulers to add an extra dimension to your visit.

Bebek Park

Also in Besiktas, Bebek (or “baby” in Turkish) was opened to the public in 1908 and later restored in 2008 by Italian architect Ermanno Casasco and his team. A delightful green space spanning 8,800 square meters, this park is filled with decorative plants and centuries old trees. Here you will find winding paths, a playground, and picnic areas along the shore of the Bosphorus. There are plenty of nearby places to dine as well, so plan your day accordingly.

Macka Park

Let's continue to stay in Besiktas for a moment as we speak about Macka Park, also known as Demokrasi Park. This is a small park that is often bypassed by visitors. A wonderful place for joggers, you have an inner and outer track, tall trees that create a mini forest, and many different kinds of flora. With artificial pools and a lovely island, the park also includes playgrounds for children, cafes, and restaurants. You'll often see university students here on their way to class, as well as parents with baby strollers. This park is great for a mid-day pick-me-up as it is easily accessible from Maçka, Nişantaşı, Harbiye, and Taksim.

Gulhane Park

In the Eminonu district, this park is on the grounds of Topkapi Palace. With tall trees, manicured lawns, gardens, and pools, it makes for great people watching as well as for viewing the Bosphorus at the north end.

Emirgan Grove and Park in Emirgan

With 325,000 square meters of sublime grounds filled with pine, willow, and lime trees, cyprus firs, and more, you can also enjoy a stunning view of the Bosphorus. The park includes three public pavilions, jogging tracks, and a playground. If you are here during summer, you can enjoy the park's famed Tulip Festival.

Mihrabad Grove

In Kanlica, this is a popular destination where you will be overlooking the Bosphorus among a wide variety of gardens and varied species of trees. A lovely place to enjoy an afternoon tea, you can also partake of the grand buffet dinner offered on weekends.

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Hotel Büyük Keban is located among all the best sites and parks in Istanbul. To learn more about us or to book a room, contact us today!

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