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The Neighborhood of Cihangir is Becoming One of the Coolest Areas in Istanbul

Istanbul is fast gaining a reputation for being one of Europe’s coolest cities. As a magnet for today’s hip culture, it is attracting artists, writers, actors, fashionistas, expats, and anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a culture that merges ancient history with the best of contemporary life.

Affordable and fascinating, Istanbul is known as the Capital of Culture. And within the city limits lies one of the coolest areas in town, Cihangir, also known as Çukurcuma. Replete with galleries, restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping, and more, Cihangir is both bohemian and chic, attracting the young, hip, and adventurous.

People Watching and Mingling

With great bookstores, café-lined streets, and wonderful vintage and contemporary boutiques catering to every taste, Cihangir also offers some of the best people watching and mingling in Istanbul. With a beautiful view of the Bosphorus, you can spend an entire day and night here and never be at a loss for things to do.

Many Sites of Interest

Near Taksim Square, famous for the Gezi protests earlier in the year, the area is mostly residential and filled with many sites of interest. Visit the Cihangir Mosque, built in 1559 and named after Prince Cihangir, the son of Suleiman the Magnificent and wife Roxelana, who died at just 22 years old. Wander around the beautiful 19th century apartment buildings, and visit the antique shops, and get lost in the meandering and magical alleyways.

Prepare for the Night

Prepare for the night’s festivities by going for a manicure/pedicure for the ladies and a traditional Turkish shave for the men, complete with cutthroat razor and massage. Then be ready for an excelling dining experience at any one of the restaurants that have popped up in the district, topping off with after drinks at any one of the neighborhood bars and some fun at a local club.

Hotel Büyük Keban

Book your stay at Hotel Büyük Keban and you will be minutes away from Cihangir. Our 150-room hotel is perfect for travellers looking for an economical yet luxurious way to stay in the Old City. With eight deluxe rooms, we offer a wide range of prices and sizes to accommodate any taste and desire.

Come back to us after a long day of exploration to hang out in our traditional hammam, sauna, and Jacuzzi. In the morning, take advantage of our famous breakfast, featuring some of the most delicious traditional Turkish dishes that will tickle your palate and perfectly prepare you for the day.

The Delights of Turkey

We guarantee that taking your vacation in Istanbul will be one of the highlights of your life. Our many return guests attest to the fact that once you taste the delights of Turkey, you will be coming back for more. Our incredible and varied history is reflected in the streets, shops, and cultures you will find yourself a part of as you venture forth discovering the city, with Cihangir as one of the most exciting areas in town. Let the dream become reality and plan your trip today!

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