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Things You Can Do In Istanbul This Fall

Most travelers and vacationers know by know that Istanbul is nothing less than a stellar location for discovery. Bridging two continents, Asian and European cultures merge to create a city that is filled with wonders, buzzing with both mystery and excitement.

The allure of the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman empires is what instantly captivates visitors. Hearing the muezzins call the faithful to prayer from various mosques around city; absorbing the fascinating history embodied in the many museums, monuments, palaces and parks; eating authentic Turkish cuisine and shopping in the stupendous bazaars are what bring people back to our city time and time again.

At Hotel Büyük Keban, our concierge service is always at the ready to help you find the best places to discover here in Istanbul. If you are planning your trip for the fall, which is one of the best times to explore with fewer tourists and a comfortable climate, there are several places that are not to be missed:

Topkapi Palace

One of largest and oldest palaces in world, Topkapiis so filled with history that we hesitate to even begin! As a home for royalty throughout the ages, it is the perfect example of an authentic Turkish palace. Turned into museum in 1924, visitors can bask in its magnificence while soaking in the view of the Golden Horn, Bosphorus, and Sea of Marmara. Surrounded by 5 km of walls, this is a site that cannot be overlooked for both size and majesty.

The Blue Mosque

With over 20,000 handmade blue tiles lining its interior, the Blue Mosque is quintessential to Istanbul. Built between 1609 and 1616 when Sultan Ahmed ruled the city, it is a living mosque that also houses a tomb, educational institution and hospice.

Basilca Cistern

A truly mysterious place, the Sunken Palace, or Yerebatan Sarayi, is actually an underground cistern that was created by Emperor Justinian to provide a smart water supply system for the city. A feat of engineering intelligence, it originally featured the Stoa Basilica standing aboveground and later became a Roman Catholic Basilica during the 3rd and 4th centuries. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and facing the Hagia Sophia, it is a stunning sight during the autumn months.

Hagia Sophia

The architect Sinan created this stunning building using no less than 30 million gold tiles to make a statement in its interior. With a wide, flat dome, it is hard to miss the Hagia Sophia, and you certainly shouldn't, even if you're in Istanbul for just a day!

The Grand Bazaar

The apotheosis of open markets featuring over 3,000 shops, you can buy almost anything here, haggling to your heart's delight. With high quality products that range from the quotidian to the obscure, a day at the Grand Bazaar is a thing to remember.

Prince's Islands

Fall is one of the best times to visit the islands, as there are fewer tourists than during the summer. An archipelago off the coast in the Sea of Marmara, they are just a short ferry fide from city. Here princes, sultans, and other members of royalty were exiled during Byzantine and Ottoman times. Later in the 19th Century, they became a popular resort for wealthy residents of Istanbul. Explore by foot, bike, or horse-drawn carriage to see the stately Victorian mansions and other reminders of affluent Turkish life.

Book Your Hotel Today!

Fall is just around the corner, so if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to make reservations! Contact Hotel Büyük Keban to make yours today!

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