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Top 3 Places to Buy Quality Souvenirs in Istanbul

Bringing home unique souvenirs is a way to share some of your travel experiences with friends and family. Bringing back a few authentic pieces from Istanbul will delight family and friends at home. Whether it’s delectable edibles or something useful or wearable, Turkish products and craftsmanship are renowned for quality, beauty, and durability in all things.

1) The Grand Bazaar

There are many great areas in which to find quality souvenirs that speak of the special workmanship that Turkey offers. The Grand Bazaar will surely be one of your stops, as it is one of the wonders of our city. Here you can find everything from belly dancing outfits to jewelry to textiles, and anything else you can imagine.

Handcrafted Games

Backgammon is an important cultural pastime in Turkey, dating back to the 16th Century Ottoman Empire. Bring back a board made of walnut with pearl inlay from the Dilek Gift Shop at the Grand Bazaar for a truly inspired gift.

Textiles, Jewelry, and Accessories

If you are looking for textiles, rugs, or cushions, Cocoon is an excellent brand that can be found in the Grand Bazaar. The store also offers traditional jewelry and accessories, along with beautiful tie-dyed silk and cotton fabrics. Choose a brightly colored hat made of felt, a textile used for the last 8,000 years made into unique gift for young or old.

Bath Products

Dervis is a highly respected store in the Grand Bazaar where you will find authentic Turkish bath products from the Anatolia region such as handmade soaps made of 100% virgin olive oil laced with rose, oregano, or other herbs. Soap holders, pure cotton towels, hamam bath towels, body scrubbers, and carved wooden clogs make excellent souvenirs, as they speak of the true Turkish bath experience. Here you’ll also find hand-woven spreads and covers, hand-embroidered clothing, and other exceptional ethnic products.

2) The Spice Bazaar

Soap, Spices, and Ceramics

Speaking of soap, you can find many excellent shops that sell handmade olive oil bars when you go to the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. This market is also the obvious place to buy spices, which make excellent gifts. The Spice Bazaar is where you will also find hand-painted hand ceramic pottery from the Iznik potters of Anatolia. Starting back in the 16th century, their geometric designs combined with floral patterns are ideal examples of quintessential Turkish wares.

3) In and Around Istiklal


Find excellent Ottoman Jewelry at Eller Sanat Galerisi on Postacilar Sokak. These people are experts and all of their pieces are made on the premises. It is located just off Istiklal Caddesi, one of the city’s major thoroughfares and a totally pedestrian street lined with marvelous shops selling all manner of things old and new.

Musical Instruments and Ceramics

An original Turkish musical instrument makes an unusual souvenir and they aren’t difficult to pack. Pick up a Kaval or a Mey Sipsi and you’ll be a true hit when you get home. In addition, for wonderful ceramics, you can also go to Beyoglu El Sanatlari Evi, a gorgeous shop on Istiklal Caddesi where you will find ceramic pieces made by local artists.

Maps, Journals, and Writing Instruments

Istiklal also features a number of old-world shops with an incredible selection of old cartographic maps, writing journals of all sorts, and elegant writing instruments. There’s something to match everyone’s taste, style, and price point. These shops are just full of useful and beautiful gifts found nowhere else.

Just Ask Us!

At Hotel Büyük Keban, our concierge staff is ready to help you find the perfect souvenirs at the best locations. Just ask us and we’ll point you in the right direction!

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