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Tour Uludag Mountain in Bursa During Your Stay in Istanbul

When traveling to Istanbul, there are countless attractions and historic sites to visit, and many of them are right inside the city. However, there are also incredible places to see just beyond the borders of the Old City and the heart of Istanbul. One of the top areas to visit in the area is currently Bursa. Located directly south of Istanbul across the Sea of Marmara, it's known for having beautiful mosques and stunning relics of early Ottoman architecture.

Easy Day Trip

Stepping into Bursa is a bit like visiting another country, but there's no need to find different accommodations. It's easily accessible via IDO Yenikapi Station or BUDO Kabatas Station. Most visitors find that they can see their historic sites and visit the bazaar in a single day, and they'll return home with incredible memories from this day trip. Rich in History

Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and the two founding sultans are buried in this town. It's considered the birthplace of the world-renowned Ottoman architectural style, so the region is rich with historic buildings and incredible sights. In addition to taking in the incredible sights, you can also enjoy traditional meals of grilled lamb with tomato sauce and browned butter, or you can stop in at one of the many cafes for some coffee and a snack.

Away From the Hustle and Bustle

If you want to take a little break and get away from it all for a while, consider going up into the Uludag Mountains. Home to winter and nature sports in the city, this natural feature is also known as Olimpos Mountain. If you have time to travel into the peaks, then you can revel in the beauty of the pure blue water of the glacial lake. You won't even have to wear yourself out hiking because the mountain has a cable car service to take you all the way to the top.

One-of-a-Kind Shopping

Istanbul is known for its bazaars and unique shopping opportunities, and Bursa is no different. Visitors rave about the shops and bazaars where they can find beautiful art, woven rugs and other goods. Make time on your way to or from Bursa to stop in at Istanbul Cevahir to pick up gifts for your loved ones back home or pick out your own special mementos. In addition to street vendors and shopping, you can also sit back and enjoy some local entertainment when you're ready to rest your feet and relax.

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