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Turkish Style Belly Dance Lessons in Istanbul

What could be more exciting than to learn one of the most sensual dances in the world in a country where it is considered one of the highest art forms? Taking Turkish style belly dance lessons during your visit to Istanbul could just be one of the best gifts you give to yourself, let alone friends and family at home who will be astounded to see you do the Turkish Shimmy and the Camel in a costume fit for the “dance of the seven veils.”

Learning the Mysteries

In the inimitable words of the famous sharp-tongued actress Mae West, “the curve is more dangerous than the sword.” Here in Istanbul, you can find the perfect way to learn how to deploy your own personal weaponry. With countless studios in which to learn, you can even take private lessons to learn the mysteries of oriental rhythms and how to interpret them.

Continually Evolving

From stomach ripples to swaying hips, classic Turkish belly dancing is based on a continuously evolving Arabic style that was developed in the Middle East. Also known as Middle Eastern Dance, in Arabic it is called Eastern Dance, or “raqs sharki,” or as folk dance, “raqs baladi.” An extremely popular and ubiquitous dance during the time of the Ottoman Empire, belly dancing was a part of harem life, with famous dances and dancers attracting attention with their alluring movements and styles. With influence from the gypsies, as well as Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese, belly dancing continues to evolve, producing many stars who descend from famous originals who established themselves in their own countries and abroad.

Finding Your Own Style

At Hotel Büyük Keban, we are quite biased about our Turkish style belly dancing, as Turkish dancers can be much more expressive than other cultures because there are less restrictions in our society than those found within some of our neighboring countries. With energy, athleticism, and deep artistic nuance, Turkish teachers will not only help you find your own style, but will also guide you in the use of the finger cymbals (zils) and how to follow the Karsalima rhythm with its 9/8 time signature.

Learn from a Pro

Learning from a professional teacher will allow you to try both the Turkish Oriental and the Turkish Romani styles, where you can find the one just right for your personality. Head out to the Grand Bazaar or one of the many costume shops throughout the city to outfit yourself with a low-cut slit skirt, midriff top, coin belt, and scarves that will inspire you to even greater heights as you wow your friends with your newfound abilities!

Expressing the Essence of Our Culture

We know that taking a holiday in Istanbul means enjoying all that our city has to offer. When you take classes or workshops in belly dancing, you learn how to express the essence of our culture through movement where the steps can lead you to your own unique expression.

Reserve Your Room Today!

For more information on booking classes, as well as immersing yourself in other exciting activities in Istanbul, don't hesitate to reserve your room with us at the Hotel Büyük Keban, where you will be right in the center of the action!

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