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Ways to Relax During Your Stay at Hotel Buyuk Keban

Whether your stay in Izmir, Turkey is recreational or business, there’s always a way to make the most out of any trip pleasurable.

Many have already busted the myth of how glamorous traveling can be. The idea of effortlessly checking your baggage and swiftly navigating throughout the airport with ease to your terminal to be seated in a cozy little airplane with a martini in hand might be what movies are made of! For the rest of us, the hustle and bustle of traveling can get somewhat stressful. This is just for when traveling domestically!

The Woes of Traveling

With all the shocking news going on around the world, todayairports have taken further precautions to ensure that their passengers experience a pleasant and safe travel. Usually what that means is incorporating more processes that may inconvenience travelers, but it is for the good of their own safety. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t add more stress to what already can be a tiresome traveling experience.

That is why when traveling abroad, you want to make sure that your destination is as welcoming as home. When traveling to Izmir, Turkey consider kicking your shoes off at Hotel Buyuk Keban.

Relax After a Taxing Day of Travel

What better way to literally sweat away the stress of a grueling day of travel by heading straight down to our luxury spa where our hammam awaits!A hammam, is a traditional Turkish baththat some Westerners may refer to as a steam bath or sauna, but practiced in the style of ancient Greeks and Romans.

Our spa offers 5 affordable packages:

  • Package #1 – This includes a self-service Turkish bath and Jacuzzi session that cost $10 for hotel guests and $20 for non-hotel guests.

  • Package #2 – For $100, this package includes a private Turkish Family bath session. This is for two people. There is an additional $50 for a 3rd

  • Package #3 – Includes package #1 with a 30-minute oil massage for $40 and $50 for 45 minutes.

  • Package #4 – Includes a Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, soap massage and body scrub for $40. The facemask is $20.

  • Package #5– Offers the ultimate spa experience with a Turkish bath, mask, Jacuzzi with a 30-minute soap massage and body scrub, then finishing it all off with a 30-minute oil massage all for $70.

For those who prefer a more vigorous way to relieve stress, our gym is furnished with all of the fundamental tools and equipment needed for a good cardio and endurance regime.

Relaxing Abroad

Hotel Buyuk Keban wants your stay with us to be pleasurable and memorable enough to make our hotel your go-to place to unpack whenever you visit Izmir. Unlike most traditional hostels in Turkey, our rooms are equipped with private bathrooms with air conditioning and free WiFi service.

Don’t just sleep the day away on your comfortable bed during your stay at Hotel Buyuk Keban! Contact our friendly Concierge Department. Our friendly staff is more than happy to assist you with travel and sightseeing tours, dinner reservations and scheduling one of our great spa packages for you.

If you have any questions about other services we provide, email us now. Otherwise, book your reservation with Hotel Buyuk Keban today or call us at +90 212 512 00 20 while there’s still vacancy!

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