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What Does a Typical Turkish Breakfast Look Like

There's no doubt that we Turks love to eat, and one of our favorite meals of the day is definitely breakfast, or kahvalti, which translates to “under coffee,” meaning before we have our famous Türk kahvesi.

Start with Tea and an Assortment of Possibilities

Made with extraordinary variety, a typical Turkish breakfast begins with a well prepared tea and continues with a great assortment of possibilities. You can order a hearty Turkish breakfast plate (kahvalti tabagi) at any restaurant or café, or a buffet meal where you can choose from a wide variety of deliciously prepared foods.

Well-known Dishes

Some famous breakfast dishes include boiled eggs (yumurta), dried sausage made from ground beef spiced with garlic (sucuk), and a mouthwatering combination of cumin, sumac, and red pepper with eggs called sucuklu yumurta. Börek is another staple dish, available for any meal of the day and made from thin sheets of dough filled with vegetables or minced meat and cheese. Either baked or cooked, it also makes a great side dish or snack to be eaten at any time of day.


Breakfast platters almost always come with cucumbers, tomatoes, black or green olives (zeytin), butter, honey, and jam. A wide selection of cheeses make regular appearances, including white cheese or cökelek; lor, which is an unsalted cheese often used in desserts; kaşar, a fatty sheep's cheese; an old cheese called kaşar peyniri; or a less mature fresh kaşar. Breads are always prevalent and delicious. Try the famous gözleme or bazlama, the corn bread misir ekmegi, the round flat wheat bread called pide, or the ubiquitous simit, a ring-shaped bread covered with sesame seeds that goes so well with cheese, butter, or marmalade. Yufka is another favorite, made similarly to pide only flatter.

Homemade Tastes

Though Turkish food may vary across the country, here in Istanbul our recipes are inherited from Ottoman court cuisine, where spices are used with a light touch in a perfect fusion of Caucasian, Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Baltic flavors. Homemade food is deeply valued in Turkey, and many restaurants have adopted homemade cooking methods, making our country a gourmand's delight for the fresh dishes you can find in almost every local eatery in Istanbul.

The Restaurant at Hotel Büyük Keban

We’re famous for our breakfast buffet, which features the best precut and fresh ingredients. So if you don’t feel like venturing out into the city until later in the day or have a meeting to get to, you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy your palate among our variety of delicious cheese and bread selections, fresh veggies, three kinds of salami, cereals, soup of the day, and our cookies, bread sticks and biscuits.

(And if that sounds delicious, just wait until you see what’s on our snack menu!)

Contact Us Today

Our exceptional breakfast spread is the perfect example of a Turkish morning feast. For more information on what we offer, including an authentic hammam experience, as well as the perfect central location for getting around town easily, contact us today!

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