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What Weather to Expect in Istanbul

Travelers to Istanbul, especially those who are new to our fabulous city, may be wondering what the weather is like here. Let's take a look at the annual temperature ranges for Istanbul, as well as some other important weather facts and tips for packing so you'll always be comfortable during your trip.

Weather Throughout the Year in Istanbul

Weather during much of the year in Istanbul is quite pleasant for walking, touring and other outdoor activities such as swimming in pools or the ocean. You may be surprised to learn that the average temperature during our hottest month of July is 24 degrees Centigrade or 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may see a few days in the high 20s Centigrade, which is equivalent to the low 80s on the Fahrenheit scale. Nights dip down to the balmy Centigrade teens or mid-60s Fahrenheit. This is a welcome change from uncomfortably hot weather in many other parts of the world at this time.

August is Istanbul's sunniest month, with an average of 10 hours of sunshine every day. August is also considered the best month for swimming in the sea, as the average ocean temperature during this month is 22 degrees Centigrade or 72 degrees Fahrenheit. July and September experience warm sea temperatures as well.

February is the coldest month in Istanbul, with an average temperature of six degrees Centigrade or 42 degrees Fahrenheit. January typically witnesses the most rain at 100 mm during the month.

What to Pack for Your Trip to Istanbul

Packing for a summer trip to Istanbul is easy. Bring warm-weather clothing appropriate for whatever activities you will be doing, whether attending business meetings or seeing the sights. A wrap or jacket is recommended for air conditioned environments or breezy locations by the coast or on board a boat.

If traveling from the US, you may want to forgo shorts or mini skirts in lieu of lightweight pants or dresses to the knee or below. Covered arms will be required to enter any mosques in Istanbul, and a slightly more continental look will help you feel at ease traveling abroad.

Of course, if you are planning on doing any swimming, bring your swimsuit. A good pair of walking shoes will be greatly appreciated when seeing the sights on foot.

During the fall and winter months in Istanbul, travelers will want to add warmer clothing to their suitcases. A few sweaters will come in handy, and a raincoat and umbrella would be wise in winter. A scarf or tie can help you go from casual to dressy with little fuss.

Comfortable Accommodations No Matter What the Weather

You can rest assured that when you stay at Hotel Büyük Keban your accommodations will be comfortable no matter what the weather outside. All of our rooms come equipped with individual heating and air conditioning units.

In the summer, refresh yourself after a long day of sightseeing with a dip in our pool, a session at our hamam (traditional Turkish bath) or a cold drink at our 24/7 lobby bar.

During the cooler winter months, fortify yourself with a hot breakfast from our restaurant buffet, and warm yourself with a coffee or cordial at the bar in the evening.

At Hotel Büyük Keban, we want your stay in Istanbul to be as enjoyable as possible. Contact us today to make your reservation with us directly for the best rates available, and we can further assist you with any weather-related or other needs.

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