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Where to Stay When Attending a Business Conference in Istanbul

If you are a professional planning to visit Istanbul for business purposes, you’ll do well to consider staying at the Hotel Büyük Keban, located in the center of European Istanbul. We are a reasonably priced, full-amenity hotel with a great location that allows you quick and hassle-free transportation from the airports and a great base from which to move around town. Experienced at the art of hospitality, we have been hosting business travelers for over 40 years.

Central Location Guarantees Practicality

The Hotel Büyük Keban is easy to reach by either public transportation or taxi from both Istanbul airports. Our location in the heart of the city - near Istanbul’s business districts and numerous attractions - cannot be beat. And thanks to our proximity to the nearby underground station and the prevalence of taxis readily available in the area, it’s exceedingly easy to get around with our hotel as your base.

Ideal Facilities for Professionals

Our complimentary Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout our facilities and will help keep you connected to clients and colleagues back home, ensuring that you can keep up with work while attending your business conference. Moreover, our Internet Corner provides networked computers hooked up to a printer for fast and easy document availability should you need it. Whether you’re attending a casual meeting or a formal conference, our flexible staff is here to help you prepare should you have special requests or need the use of on-site business facilities. Modem, television and projector are at your disposal, and we can organize dinners or lunches should you wish.

The Hotel Büyük Keban has many years of experience catering to the needs of business travelers, and we know that business does not just happen during business hours. As such, business people appreciate the availability of our bar and game room, which offer billiards, table tennis, and lounging couches – ideal spots for a casual chat to get to know a potential client, or facilitate a positive atmosphere amongst team members while enjoying a drink and a friendly round of pool.

Amenities to Ensure a Pleasant Stay in the Off Hours

As hospitality professionals, we at the Hotel Büyük Keban have in mind the needs and preferences of our guests. We have recently remodeled from top to bottom and now offer a range of room sizes and styles to suit each visitor’s needs, all at reasonable rates. From single budget rooms to master suites, several styles and sizes are available. Moreover, we have specially designed rooms that offer easy access for travelers who may have a handicap or limited mobility.

Convenience, Comfort, and Hospitality

We know that many of our business guests are on a tight travel schedule. We are happy to offer information about Istanbul sightseeing, services and transportation – just ask! For our clients who may need to store conference materials, sample cases or business goods, we offer a free and secure storage room.

Let us help you make your business trip to Istanbul a success. Contact us today!

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