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Why Hotel Location Matters in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that never stops intriguing us, whether we have lived here all of our lives, or are returning visitors who cannot get enough. With so much to see and do, it is easy to understand how you might exhaust yourself if you are here for a limited amount of time and don't choose a hotel that is centrally located.

Making the Most of Your Stay

At Hotel Büyük Keban, we have been helping tourists and business people enjoy the best of Istanbul with our exceptional service, expert insights, and our terrific location, all of which allow our guests to make the most of their stay. When your time is limited, it is a pleasure to be staying where you can get from one place to another without stress.

Taking a Mid-Day Break

Located in the historic center of Istanbul, we can be found in beautiful Leleli where cultural attractions abound, as well as many business centers that make it easy to access meeting halls and offices. Near to many of the most important must-see sites in the city, including the Grand Bazaar and the Blue Mosque, our perfect location makes it easy to rest in between sightseeing events.

Minutes Away from Everywhere

Just knowing that your hotel is only minutes away from almost everywhere is an incredible boon when you've spent a long day shopping and need an hour's rest before the next adventure or event. Though you will never tap all there is to do and see here in Istanbul in just one stay (or maybe even ever!), staying at Hotel Büyük Keban makes it easier to experience more of what excites you than if you were in a hotel somewhere on the periphery.

Getting Around

Only a five minute walk to the Yenikapi metro station, you can take the M2 line that recently opened and connects with the Marmary line, extending the route from Sishne Square near Tünel Square in Beyoglu all the way across the Golden Horn to Yenikapi. If you like getting around Istanbul by bike, we have our own bike service that allows you to hop right on from our hotel to establish a more personal relationship with our city. Explore the back streets and neighborhoods that are off the beaten track to make the city your own, returning just in time to get ready for the evening's surprises.

Making Your Trip Manageable and Worry-free

Enjoy late nights out without the worry of a long trip home. Go for Sunday brunch and then hit the markets for a day of shopping. No matter where your fancy takes you, knowing that your hotel is central and has all of the amenities for providing you with the best possible stay in Istanbul will help to keep your energy up, making your trip manageable and worry-free.

Contact Us Today

For information on booking one of our exceptional rooms, as well as consulting with our knowledgeable concierge regarding how to easily get around the city, please contact us today!

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