cheap hotel within a walking distance to historic attractions in istanbul

November 11, 2013

Where to Stay in Istanbul When Going for the First Time

There’s just no doubt about it - Istanbul is unique. No other city straddles two continents, serves as a meeting and melange of cultures, and certainly no other metropolis can claim to have been the seat of four great world empires and still be an important cultural, political, and economic power today. Yet Istanbul lays claim to all these traits - and emerges as a modern-day cultural mecca that is totally on the avant-garde of the art, fashion, music, and film worlds. It’s a place where you’ll never find an end to the culinary discoveries. One where you can find sleek, modern metal and glass architecture practically alongside centuries-old brick houses where families still live according to tradition, raising their own food and cooking meals the way they have for generations. You’ll find all the world’s snazziest chain stores and hottest fashions next to traditional fish markets and vegetable sellers. You’ll see people dressed in traditional Muslim garb sitting alongside those sporting the latest and trendiest European looks.