where to find an affordable hotel near topkapi palace

March 26, 2014

East Meets West: What Makes Istanbul Unique

As an important strategic location for many of history’s great civilizations, and a major center of the ages-old Silk spice routes that connected Asia, Africa, and […]
April 30, 2013

Best Price in Hotels near Topkapı Palace, Turkey

A haven for intrepid travelers, foodies and history buffs alike - Istanbul has something for everyone. If you are up to the challenge of the only city so cosmopolitan it straddles two continents, Istanbul is not to be missed. The list of sights, sounds, and tastes is so long it would take a lifetime to cross them all off. Fortunately, Istanbul is still an affordable destination - and with some travel smarts you can live like a sultan on a peasant budget. Even in the center of the city, there are great deals to be found - and the Hotel Büyük Keban is one of them. A three-star hotel offering four-star amenities, the Hotel Büyük Keban is conveniently located on Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula - all the better to visit the city’s most amazing sites. So allow us to suggest a visit to one of the true highlights of Istanbul: a place where European and Asian histories met, where conquerors and conquered merged, where legends, operas, and films took inspiration: the incomparable Topkapı Sarayı.